SFTA Phoenix Demo

Sorry about the lack of updates for SFTA … infact, there have been no updates to report at all … The project died late last year with the closure of the HQ contest.

However, the lead team has got together again, and we have a new found sense of determination to work more on SFTA.

The Characters Page and the Timeline Page will be updated within the next couple of weeks, and it brings me great pleasure to announce a new demo is in the works.

SFTA Phoenix Demo

Aptly named as it comes at a time of revival of the project, and is currently aimed to be completed by Easter 2005.

Sadly, I have no details about this new demo at present… Its safe to say it will expand upon the Tech-Demo which we released a while ago, as for a playable demo, we cant be sure.. Only time will tell.

As soon as I have more details, you guys will be the first to know right here @ TSS.

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