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SF:TA HQ contest part 3

Ya thats right, last time i announced this on the SFC forums, they were about to undergo a massive change, and so i decided to change the method of submission for the contest from posting in the thread to emailing me.

This was clearly an unpopular method, cos i recieved a grand total of … *drum roll*

ONE submission.

So, now that the new forums are up, and the SFTA site isnt plagued by some bug anymore, ive decided to re-announce this contest.

go here for further details — Shining Force Central – Forum Topic

SF:TA Maps, Calendar & Items

Thanx to Produn for the bulk of this update.

We now have a world map (tho the individual town pages are yet to be made) for you all to enjoy and familiarise yourselves with. We also have a Calendar of a SFTA year, and the Items page has been started (obviously theres more items to come).

Check out the SFTA World section on our website

clicky clicky

Coming soon – Ill start on the History of the SFTA world. Stay tuned ^^

Thanx for reading.

SFTA : HQ contest part III

3 new characters have been uploaded to the site, namely Jaedyn, Vincent and Karl. You can find them in the SFTA World > Characters section.

For those who dont know about this, its a simple contest in which people get the chance to submit ideas for HQ quotes for the characters. I will select my favourite 10 quotes submitted, and those stand a good chance of making it to the final game.

What do you get out of this ?

Well, after going through all the characters, Ill pick the all time favoured quote, and the person who submitted it will have a character named after him/her and will also have the character designed to his/her specifications.

Our usual venue of this contest will soon be undergoing a massive change, and the forum database will likely be unavailable to people like me after the change, so, in order to keep a good record of all the submitted quotes, id like you all to EMAIL them to me at the following address ::

Thank you for reading, and have fun in the contest =]

SF:TA HQ Contest P2 Results

W007 ! This is my first official News post here @ TSS ^^

Just wanted to say that the 2nd part of the SF:TA HQ contest is over and the winners have been announced, congrats to them =]

For those who havent been picked, or missed the opportunity to take part, fear not, for part 3 shall begin shortly ! Dont miss the opportunity to get a playable character named after you and designed to your specifications in SF:TA.

Here are the winners —

congrats once again guys, and thanx 2 Dev for sortin out this ‘news-posting’ account ^^

TSS rulz

SF:TA Update

My apologies to Grom for putting this up so late. Here is the wisdom of Grom! :D

Firstly – we’ve added 3 more character profile pages to the SFTA World>Characters section on our website

and also, we’ve started up our HQ contest again, in which submitters get the chance to have a character named after them in SFTA, and have that character designed to their specifications.

for further info (those with SFC membership) please read here

Shining Force Central – Forum Topic

On a side-note, I’ll be leaving for vacation for about a week, so expect updates to be a little scarcer than usual ;)

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