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 on: March 27, 2017, 04:14:07 pm 
Started by Chaoswizard98 - Last post by Chaoswizard98
I had a few people request a perma-death feature early on. It was easy enough to add so I went for it lol. Also as you mention challenges, I plan on adding achievements down the line so... good luck lol.

I don't really think any part of the church was terribly difficult, but as you said, menus are a pain. I hate working on them myself! When you get down to it though, all the church functions work relatively the same. I think the most annoying part is adding all the different possibilities such as not enough gold, no I don't want to raise this character, oops wrong button I want to back out of the menu, ect.

Raise was the first thing I coded up because the rest are pretty copy paste and change a few things. Basically you keep an array of your team members and iterate though it. If it goes through the whole list and no one is / was dead, you show the "no one needs my help" message. If someone is dead, you ask the player if they want to rez them for X amount of gold and so on.

Cure was pretty much the same thing as raise. The only difference is you have multiple loops (one for each ailment) and you're changing the status infliction variables rather than the death state one.

Promote was a little bit of a pain, simply because you also have to work with the member list UI as well. That and I had to create a script that tells the game if you can promote a character or not, what the level requirements are, do they have a special class, ect.

Save was actually the easiest thing. Just a loop with a massive wall of variables to save to an ini file. (or whatever extension you give it) I chose not to encrypt the save files at all for modding and testing reasons so if you open it up with notepad, it's all in plain English.




Although not really part of the church menu, Loading is essentially save in reverse. Read and create all the variables and room_goto(LastSaveRoom);

 on: March 26, 2017, 12:37:33 pm 
Started by Devlyn - Last post by Ty
Has bean Cheesy

 on: March 26, 2017, 12:36:51 pm 
Started by Chaoswizard98 - Last post by Ty
That interface looks so good! Nice to hear there's an option for perma-death too, it should make for some interesting challenges.

What was the hardest part of getting the church working? It's something I've put off doing because I hate building user interfaces.

 on: March 25, 2017, 04:03:55 pm 
Started by Chaoswizard98 - Last post by Chaoswizard98
The entire church menu is complete now. Save and Load works like a charm. I also made promotion more flexible, allowing for multiple promotion tiers if one chooses. The SF2 special class promotions also work and they can also look at any statistic as well. For example, maybe a character can become a special class when they are poisoned, or if they have over X amount of kills, ect.

Should you utilize multiple promotions, you can do something like the following:
Mage -> Wizard -> GrandWizard
Mage -> Wizard -> BattleMage (with mage's dagger)
Mage -> Sorcerer (with Magic Book) -> GrandSorcerer
Mage -> Sorcerer(with Magic Book) -> Warlock (If cursed when promoting)
Essentially, you now have more creative possibilities should you wish to go down that rout.

Oh yeah and we have some more options now too.

if Perma death is enabled, you cant resurrect fallen units. When trying to 'raise' via the church menu the priest will say "Sorry, but even I cannot resurrect the dead."

Oh right, and weapons now work correctly in battle cutscenes for the melee animations. Ranged is going to be a little more complicated... Curse you explosive AoE arrows!

 on: March 12, 2017, 06:58:12 pm 
Started by Chaoswizard98 - Last post by Chaoswizard98
Thanks for the support! I appreciate it!
I'm currently working on a bunch of quality of life stuff for the next update. Mainly the save / load system, church and caravan menus, and getting weapons to display correctly in battle cutscenes. There's a bunch of other super small things mixed in there as well, but overall they aren't too important.

 on: March 09, 2017, 04:36:19 pm 
Started by Chaoswizard98 - Last post by Shining_Steve
The gameplay was fun to watch! Gonna definitely download it and check it out during the weekend. Thanks for sharing!

 on: February 05, 2017, 05:05:59 pm 
Started by Chaoswizard98 - Last post by Chaoswizard98
I just realized that the last update I made on here is almost a year old lol.

Here's the latest demo link:

A full changelog can be found in the readme if you want more detail on everything that's changed. Overall the game is running super smooth and is nearing feature completion. The latest demo contains the first part of the main story up through battle 2.

I also made a short single battle demo a while back testing out the laser eye, hidden units, and status effects. Nothing special but you might find it fun to check out.

Laser Eye Demo:

Chris also recorded a playthrough of my latest demo which was quite fun to watch.

 on: July 12, 2016, 04:09:46 pm 
Started by Bones - Last post by Ty
How's progress?

 on: May 15, 2016, 06:42:37 am 
Started by Bones - Last post by Bones
Thanks very much that would be awesome. I can wait though till you release your game though. I'm still a very long ways off. Just finished the Battle graphics import menu. Still have stats, magic, items, music, messages, changing tilesets, positioning characters, minimap to go lol. Then towns and NPC's after. I was also thinking about 2 player and possibly simple networking maybe.

It does make a massive difference at 60 doesn't it. All the graphics in general look alot sharper. I built a function for printing dialogue, when you pass a space or $ character into it, it line breaks or pauses.The witch in the intro has random pauses and says two or three lines depending on the text. I didn't know there was a standard GM function for printing dialogue for this though. It also generates the mouth opening animation and the talking sound effects.

Of course, that's a great way to do the shakes and shudders. I'd actually forgotten about those in the game! They're nice effects and great story telling tools.

Thanks for the tips on Surfaces, I don't use them for the health bars and MP bars but that is a fantastic idea. I was going to use it for when the character flashes white after being hit as you cannot blend white. There is also a disappearing graphic when a character is killed but I'm still a bit stumped on how to do that one. At the moment I have it as a fade out. I was in two minds about if I should draw the map to a surface but decided against it as the cursor and characters move the screen all the time. I thought I could do lots of separate surfaces but then thought it's easier to just draw what is shown at the time. Guess I'll have to see if it runs any performance issues. I'm on a very low spec laptop without a graphics card so hopefully should pick up any issues.

For me it was the best thing in SF3. The story is great too but it added a new layer to the game. There's lots of FAQs, that I'm sure explain it better than I can. It focuses on two characters at a time. So if they attack the same enemy they earn friendship exp. When they do that 10 times they level that up to Partner. So now when they are next to each other they get a bonus. If it's a swordsman they get +5 attack, warrior +5 defence, archers increased critical chance etc. They can level it up in the same manor for the next level Friend and then Trusted. The final level is randomly given and quite tricky to get but that is Soulmate and it's really worth it as it ups the range by 1 of the stat boost. It changes the graphic overhead to a heart. Normally it's a sword, shield or staff. It was a very nice feature and would definitely work well in any other Shining Force game.

 on: May 11, 2016, 02:38:07 am 
Started by Bones - Last post by Chaoswizard98
I can always send you the fixed sound files or any other assets if you want them.

Regarding room speed, 60 is definitely much better than the default 30 as you have more flexibility for things like menu panning, animations, and dialogue speed settings. I originally started at 30 then I changed it to 60 after finding out that max dialogue print speed is capped by the room speed and 30 just wasn't fast enough.

As far as head shakes go, I didn't use surfaces for those. Basically what I do is draw the sprite in parts using draw_sprite_part() and just change the x or y of the head part in the step event. Shudder is similar though I use draw_sprite_scale() and simply change the y value slightly via step event.

Surfaces are better for things like the minimap, battle HUD, status page, and other non animating things. Basically what a surface does is it essentially creates a temporary sprite for you to use. For things like the battle HUD where you'd loop through every HP / MP 1 at a time drawing the bar, (again, this would be every step of the game) a surface allows you to run the math once, then you just draw the surface from then on. Saves having to run the for loops and all the text draws which should help prevent memory issues. It's also great because when you pan the surface, you don't have to worry about adding a "+- Pan" to the x / y values of everything in the draw function, just the surface.

The friendship system from sf3 is definitely a commonly requested feature and would be fun to see at one point. I've never played sf3 so I'm not 100% familiar with how it works, but from what people tell me I could see it being a fun implementation.


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