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Title: TSS v0.05
Post by: Newts on August 01, 2004, 12:10:48 pm
I downloaded this the other day and just played it now and, to my surprise, I really enjoyed it! The graphics had a really cute GameBoy-style to them, and on the whole it was a really decent little game. Much further than most other Shining fangames get, anyway :P

Well, I just wanted to say "well done" to Dev for creating that blast from the ancient past :P

Title: TSS v0.05
Post by: Devlyn on August 01, 2004, 02:07:22 pm
LOL!!!  I'm surprised that it was still compatible with your current computer!!

The battle engine must have been the worst ever, but then again we're talking about 1999 here ;). No Tatakai, no Verge 2, Smee or Shining Source. All I could choose from was plugging in Joshito's SHFBS or the Hunter's Field battle engine, or creating one from scratch. Since the former two were quite buggy at the time, I chose the last option, creating an even buggier battle system!  :lol:

Of course, the whole thing evolved over time, and after the switch to Verge 2, the quality of the battles swiftly improved :).

Thanks for your props dude :). I guess I really should get going on Smee again someday :).