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1   Re: Summer Around the Corner
Mine started this friday, which isn't good news because I don't really like vacation time. I would rather be doing something. I do have a summer assignment for my AP physics class next year, a garden to tend, and comic updates to read, so I wont complain too much though.

2   Re: Poetry Thread V2.0
Outnumbered always
By monsters and armies
Raise your sword and stave
You have a world to save
In yourself believe
Greatness you’ll achieve
Improve yourself day by day
Ahead of the enemy you’ll stay

Defend innocence
Defeat malevolence
If you stay alive
You will soon arrive

At the doors of hell
You have done so well
The road has been rough
But are you strong enough?

3   Re: Birthday wishes
December 11

I'm 17 and I'll never remember any of these dates so how about everyone just have a good everyday.  Grin

4   Re: Poetry Thread V2.0
well, that's a nice poem. If anyone pay attention to my signature you know I'm a poet as well. Taking into consideration that this is a forum mostly dedicated to a game, I'd like to share a poem I wrote about video games. I won 4th in my highschool newspaper's poetry contest with this. It's already copywrited to me on Poetry.com

"Level Up!"
When I game
I feel no pain
Anything is possible

As I rack up score
I just want more
I feel almost unstoppable

Pwnge with no end
Enemies I rend
Me you cannot tame

One more fight
I'll beat this tonight
This is why I game

5   What makes you really angry?
food vending machines? cuz if you kill those then what might be posted next on this angry thread is "you know what makes me mad? out of order vending machines, especially when I'm really hungry"

6   What makes you really angry?
I know what you mean. Pretty girls think that looks are going to get them all they want in life, which works for a while, until they get into the real world. Sean, in most cases, it's just that they're teenagers. I dont like to be treated bad, I like to be respected and I like to be friends with the person I'm with before I start a relationship, but then again I dont know what it's like to be a pretty girl so I dont know what's going through their heads. probably not much though. I guess the only way to have a pretty and nice girlfriend is to have a not-so-pretty one and hope she grows to be pretty.

7   What makes you really angry?
what makes me mad is when people lie. like I told you guys I wasnt going to post a couple times and then dissapear. I'm sorry. Sad

8   A GIRL
I've never played gaia, I never liked MMORPG's (that's what it is, right?). I'd still rp with pretty much anyone as long as they have an orginal character and they can think on their feet (I had a rp buddy once who sometimes literally took weeks to reply). I need more role play ppl anyway, I think I only have one at the moment.

9   What makes you really angry?
It makes me angry when someone asks a question then leaves before I can answer. especially if they come back later and ask again with an added "why didnt you answer me before?"

10   A GIRL
Alberto, what type of role play do you participate in? like d&d stuff?(cuz I'm not good at that) I role play through I/M.
and yeah, I'm a second gen gamer girl, but I've yet to get as good as my mom at some games, such as spyro and other real time games, at least when it comes to getting everything. I know I've done a few things that mom hasnt done, like get all the cards and beat ozma in ffIX and get all the "appears valuable" items, and dragon forms in breath of fire III.
I hope talking about ff isnt flamed upon here like at sfc
By the way, I'm passed the prism flower battle, but my pc is having major problems and I dunno when I'll be able to play again.

11   A GIRL
Right before the battle with the prizm flowers. I know I'm near the end, I watched my mom play when I was little.

12   A GIRL
Is this a bad thing? Shining Force was my first RPG, it's very nearly my favorite game. I'm currently playing the second one(yes, it's taken me this long to get ahold of it) and when I found it was quite a bit more difficult I joined this and shiningforcecentral in hopes of getting help, having fun, and making some friends(maybe even a couple who role play online). I'm not offended, I'm just saying why I'm here. I dont think I'll ever be as awesome a gamer girl as moogie, but I still am one, lol.

13   Tell me how to keep the dragon
no, I just meant that he's only weak because I didnt bother much with him cuz I'm lazy. I know he can get good.

14   Tell me how to keep the dragon
okay, thanks, I guess he's only a weak character for the incredably lazy gamer chick...sorry for bothering you people

15   A GIRL
that music is hecka cool! btw acebloke, what do you think you missed?

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