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1   Re: LGU Newsletter
Given half of the season to claw back up from the fifth position that was left to me by the previous manager LGU managed to do it. A Third place debut finish is just fine in my book, and with that a little prize money kickback to boot!

In this offseason I've managed to acquire a handful of cheap young talent to fill in the cracks presented by some of my more aging fellows on the A squad. Hopefully that will sew up the dismal situation in the LGU Defense.

So far so good with training. Both of my trainees show much promise, although they're not doing so well against the Form Monster who continues to hamper some of my best players. With set pieces being the order of the two week break its my hope that the boost will help in some of those tricky penalty situations.
According to the manager tools that I use the older of the two keepers should reach Formidable around the latter portion of next season, which will have me switch into Set Pieces training to maximize his defensive potential before letting him go a season or so early. Then to kick back into keeper training and pickup a nice 17 yo solid defender to mold into a keeper.

Things are looking up for LGU! here's hoping eh? With another manager falling out this season it just leaves me with two human opponents, should be a gravy league.

2   Re: LGU Newsletter
Well in the spirit of my usual starts in mostly any game I end up doing the wrong thing first and then try to scramble later to fix things.
It seems as though these days multiskilled players are more desirable than the one trick wonders of old. In an effort to increase my chances of making decent money to improve the rest of my team I tried to kickstart my keeper program first without taking into account some decent secondary skills.
The two trainees i got ended up lacking in defense and set pieces, by such a margin in fact that the defending training would take entirely too long.
I've since dumped one of the trainees early and picked up a young kid with solid defending for reasonably cheap, and training him up from disastrous keeper.
Problem is now my two trainees are seperated in age by only around 20 days and the keeper skill difference is rather considerable (passable VS disastrous). I'll have to let go of the older more skilled one early and try to find a shiny new 17yo defender trainee to convert into a goalie, just trying to figure around when. I Figure if i wait until he pops Formidable keeper i could focus on set pieces for a bit just to bump it up a few levels so he's not completely undesirable and cash in then. That way i can also improve my offensive capabilities as well as really pump the daylights out of the younger keepers set pieces (he's weak at the moment). By then he should be skilled enough to at least take over for the older keeper, and i can get back to keeper training to boost him up to acceptable levels.

Thats the concept of the plan anyway, hopefully i'll be able to fix it. Seems to be one of the drawbacks to keeper training--having to pay to improve every other position. Its not like i can just hold onto one of my middies or forwards and lose a training spot for the sake of a more competative team. I am going to stick with it though.

3   Re: Bung Ole Ole Never Ending Thread - Vintage Classics Edition -
Surely we could set about some jars of peanut-butter and perhaps he will be compelled to return and smear it about his face Wink

4   Re: The kins is back
I've been doing fair mate Smiley

Life has a funny way of working at times and it seems as though the semi-recent 'economy troubles' here in the states are being used as a blanket excuse to not employ folks  Sad
My Dad even mentioned a sign he saw in a fast food window stating 'Now Hiring, Fast Food Experience Required'. You cant even get a job at a burger joint without experience in some places, isnt that just crap?
Even those who spent the money to get into a decent University cant find work, its just a proper mess.

I've been penning (or keying i suppose) a book together that i hope will get me published perhaps. I've hit a bit of a block recently but i think the concept is sound and it makes for a good story (in the authors humble opinion of course)

When spirits are low i drown myself in video games, been quite successful at that as of late Wink

Outside of the usual humdrum of the day-to-day that's about all the exciting points in the life thus far.

How's the lavish bikiniclad life of Phil going as of late? Smiley

5   Re: LGU Newsletter
Caught the Bug, Back in it. I'll try to post something in here at a semi-regular basis!

6   Re: Bankrupt
Yay Loose RS!

I've recently made it back to hattrick under team #71093

No supporter (since the prices seem to have gone up quite a bit than i remember heh)
I've also decided to train keepers this time around instead of middies, its a change of pace and pops come around a bit quicker and i like to see that progress.

7   The kins is back
As Stephen Tyler once screamed into a microphone "IM BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK"

Well sortof anyway, im still pretty bad at keeping up with forums but YoBlah has always been close to my heart. A Place where the douchebaggery of the internet never seems to stick. Where mates are mates and the pints are full and frothy.

I still to this day have photos of Val (i think) all creepy with a knife, and extra rastafarian.

Ahh the times.

Missed you guys  Smiley

8   Re: Bung Ole Ole Never Ending Thread - Vintage Classics Edition -
Ahhh the BONET *hugs BONET*

The one place you can blurt out whatever strikes your mind and its all perfectly alright, seeing as it just never ends. It is only revised.

Nice to see Job is still in hattrick! I managed to make a return myself, like the addict i am..

*hattrick withdrawls*

That Icon is epic mates, truly epic.

I suppose i did hear you, just took a while to get to my ears, or eyes, or my eye-like ears.

Missed you guys  Smiley

10   Re: Online Gaming Communities
Bit of a rant here mates sorry,

I'm sure most of you have had at least one online game in your past that to you seemed like a great time clear up until you actually got stuck in with your fellow game-mates.
Your there just trying to get your bearings and you've got at least two or three self declared experts yelling in your ears at you about how horrible you are, how your losing the game, how you should go die lonely in a corner.
For the most part that basically sums up my online gaming experiences for entirely too many years, and ive always wondered why in the hell does it have to be that way? Where are the quality experiences?

All of this is drudged up by my recent retry in the fabulous world of Natural Selection (i might've ranted about this in the past already)

Ha! I was writing up the previous in a brand spanking new shiny post and then i had a moment of clarity and decided to check to see if i had indeed done this before, and i had!
I went for another bite of the apple mates, and years after it still hasnt changed Sad such a shame, its great fun with the right bunch of people.

I think ive healed inside, i feel better.. *hugs YoBlah*

11   Re: LGU Newsletter
Late reply coming eh? hehe

I cant be bothered with it either, actually the core of my issues now is i cant seem to make decent money for my trainees..and as of late ive been slacking off a bit on friendlies and the like Sad just hard to keep up with sometimes you know?
Lately ive just managed to login every so often to keep the account breathing

I know thats a bit bleak, perhaps i'll catch the bug again something serious and give her another serious go. Its rather interesting to have had a team in there for so many years.

12   Re: Bung Ole Ole Never Ending Thread - Vintage Classics Edition -
I too was sucked into SPORE.

Its not a bad game but you have to see it for exactly what it is. Those who come into it thinking its a completely custom RTS explosions and such kindof a fare will be disapointed. The game is really simplistic in nature throughout the stages of life clear up until space travel. At Cell you just eat things, which makes sense, when you come out of the water new aspects are added in but kindof stay there for the most part until you launch into space.
Once in space it becomes more of an explorer sort of game, with lots of goals and such but it all appears to me at first glance like a real deep easter-egg hunt.

I guess the real kicker for this game is the level of customization you have on your buildings/vehicles/creatures. It can get pretty complex or extremely simplistic, all up to you. But if that were the selling point for you perhaps you should've stuck to the free creature creator Sad

Im genuinely determined to like this game, hell i bought it..

Elv if your interested in my first go at creating life the name i go by is Brownzerg Smiley
Tachimos is very basic and since i dont have a mousewheel i didnt know how to increase the girth of the poor guy's midsection but i think i managed alright!

13   Re: Dark Resurrection (Screenshots) updated: april 8th 2008
Holy Wow

Great looking stuff mate Smiley

I had a random idea of inquiring as to the chance of riding the skeletons and fighting the carriages but..

that'd be crazy.. Cheesy

14   Re: Things Devlyn should take back from Japan
A face smothered in Highly Efficient Japanese Peanut-Butter

15   Re: Bung Ole Ole Never Ending Thread - Vintage Classics Edition -
Still Alive Mates!

Bleah, the posts are few and far inbetween arent they? sorry about that...things went and got busy around here.

Oddly enough nothing special really just a bit of a move across town and back to the olde grind stone of whoring myself out to companies in the hopes that they'll actually pay me to do something for them, here's hoping. There are a right many things i'd like to buy and they say this is really the only way to go about getting the paper to do so!

Hope everything has gone well by you all, things seem steady here so far. I'll Try to think of things to type on a somewhat regular day to day basis, or at the very least read the olde threads and keep up on things.

Havnt heard a whole lot from the Newts, he doin' alright?


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