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1   Re: The Wheel of Morality Keeps on Rollin'
I'm runk and posting. I am the champion at beet bpon though!

2   Re: Sonic RPG
It's a shame they didn't reveal anything else about this at E3. The show itself was pretty lame this year, and Nintendo could have used something other than Wii Fit for their show.

E3 was horrible this year, and to top it off it wasn't open to the public.

3   Re: Where my dawgs at?
I'm not quite sure.

4   Re: The Wheel of Morality Keeps on Rollin'
Whats up blagh? Yeah I'mfucking drunk and Shernal pased ut on the floor. His girlfridns brother drove me home I even driected him home while smashed. too mcuh to drunk ETC. BHut YOB needs a post.

5   Re: Sonic RPG
I'd love to have a team of sonic, knuckles, and (if they do kinda what the Mario RPG did back o the SNES) have robotnik on my team. Would be so much fun.

6   Sonic RPG

I'm really excited about this.

7   Re: La Bonet version soixante-neuf!
I think after I beat SF1 (got my charger back!) I might just whip out the saturn and play SF3 again. Just to hear Noon's awesome voice.

8   Re: La Bonet version soixante-neuf!
I lost my DS charger and searched everywhere for it, I was getting far in SF1 too, now how will Max defeat dark dragon!?

9   Re: Shining Force III refugee battle
I really wish I could help, but its been ages since I played SF3. I do remember that battle being pretty difficult though.

10   Re: La Bonet version soixante-neuf!
Double post just to point out that 52 people have posted in this thread while 949 have read it.

Shame Blah, shame!

11   Re: The Wheel of Morality Keeps on Rollin'
Hah, I find that if I'm not drunk enough (in the not caring stage) I tend to correct my spelling and such as well.

12   Re: Movie Poll
Yeah, I have to say that spidey 2 is probably the best comic book movie I've ever seen. Though I didn't watch it in theaters but rather a year or so after it was out on DVD heh

13   Re: Movie Poll
I voted for the spiderman movies because I enjoyed them the most overall.

I loved the X men movies, except for the third.
Fantastic 4 was horrible
Daredevil was horrible AND had ben affleck
Ghostrider was pretty good, I enjoyed it.

And I loved the first two spiderman movies, the third was ok but the first two were really good.

14   Re: Wii Fiasco
No luck? Really? I've been finally seeing Wiis for sale at EB and the like.

15   Re: La Bonet version soixante-neuf!
I've been playing my GBA copy of SF1 lately.

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