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1   I'm back :)

2   Monkey Shakespeare Simulator
Quote from: "Newts"
Good work, Ace.

FACT - it would take only two monkeys and half a typewriter to recreate the full works of Alberto.

greatest quote i've ever seen

3   What's your favourite kind of switch?
that is the most gay thing i can imagine anyone to say looking at that picture... the worst thing is i totally agree

4   Prosody on the radio!
added to winamp list

since when is beeman a frustrated mexican taco bell bee ?

5   Spicy Alternatives?
either way it has to be turn based and with arrow controls, no more than 2 chars for a 3-4 playr game and no more than 3 in vs mode.

sorta like WCIII turnbased

6   Apologies for the downtime.
does a little rainwiggle **

7   Bung Ole Never Ending Thread: Turbo Super Version Alpha 6.34
herring and cream was invented by the ninjitsu martial arts thousands of years ago

it used to be a katana in salt.

But ancients masters have discovered that herrings make deeper wounds,and that cream hurts more when smakced to gether with a herring

8   PSO: Blue burst
played it liked it.. owned it

its asking for payment now

dont have a cc so thats a problem, unless somebody wants to buy all my +2 atp boosts(14) and +2 def boosts (12)

and my +3 to wepon stats (1)
+2 to weapon stat (3)
+1 to weapon stats (3)

9   U ARE HAKCED!1111!!
sorry bout that, too much alcohol ..

10   Attempting the impossible
Quote from: "Newts"
My ninja skills saw me through.

dude, that''s pokemon you got there on your wall !

11   Monkeys like porn

12   How many 5 year-olds can you take [in a fight]?
ill just say i''m michael jackson.. telling them i want to play with them unless they play KO

that about take em all 50 but 5  ( 1/10) is already gay at 5
i think i can handle 5

13   Ye Olde Blah! Ye Olde Indeed!
why do you think people eat oysters.... they taste like shit...

Find out in how many ways you can read the previous and win a prize

14   omg I found pictures of j00 [56k FRIENDLY]
that should be your signature

15   Ye Olde Blah! Ye Olde Indeed!
nope, bratwurst has a purpose

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