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Kings of Ember v0.6 Released

DrEthan stopped by Ye Olde Blah to let everyone know there’s a new update to Kings of Ember – and it’s a big one!

Here’s a quick look at what’s been added:

Yaaaaaa, I released another update a few days ago and I decided to post a summary here.

  • Added main menu
  • Added saving and loading
  • added money
  • added item drops
  • added shop

The complete list of changes, as well as the new demo, can be found on the Kings of Ember GameJolt page.

“Amreen: Instrument of Revolution” Demo

You might remember news of Project Nekoforce back in December of last year. Now it has a name: “Amreen: Instrument of Revolution”. Even better, there’s a playable prototype available!

The project’s author, Doh042, shared some details over at Shining Force Central:

For those who haven’t read about it before, it’s a 2D strategy RPG paying homage mostly to Camelot’s Shining Force series. It has a very JRPG look to it, and this is the fruit of probably 400-500 man hours for a 2-man crew for the last 3 months. The build features 1 combat map and 1 city map. There are 5 very different characters in the player’s group, fighting against 3 different enemy units. You have access to 4 spells and 3 different items.

We plan to keep updating the prototype a little (mostly bug fixes based on people’s feedback, if we get any!), and there’s a few things we have left on a wishlist that may or may not make the cut for future release/builds. (Art update, actually having villagers/npcs in the city, etc.)

After that dust settles, we’ll start planning the Vertical Slice, which should feature a few hours of gameplay (roughly 4-5 battles, 3 exploration areas, 16 or so player characters with all their spells and a dozen enemy types).

Be sure to give the demo a try and leave some feedback!

Download Amreen: Instrument of Revolution

Source: Shining Force Central – Amreen: Instrument of Revolution Prototype Released

The Legend of Syro development update

Development on The Legend of Syro is still going strong, and Chaoswizard98 shared a nice big update on Ye Olde Blah. A quick rundown on some new and improved features:

  • The main menu has been improved, and contains room for challenges (and achievements)
  • New options have been added to the AI to support more interesting behaviour
  • In-game camera has been rebuilt
  • Character sprites can be set independently of their class
  • Elemental damage has been added, along with buffs and debuffs
  • Movement types can now be overridden by equipment

Be sure to read the full update and leave some feedback!

Kings of Ember 0.5.1 released

DrEthan dropped by Ye Olde Blah to spread a little extra cheer for the holidays – a new demo of Kings of Ember!

Hello everyone, happy holidays! I just updated my game on GameJolt and I decided to post a summary here! So here is a list of changes (this is usually called a change list)

  • Added attack animation for Enu Knight casting magic.
  • Redid the inventory menu so that it is now a scroll rect and you can see the stats of the items.
  • Added death animations for the Goblin and the Brick Man.
  • Removed the black outline for the villager eyes and nose.
  • Made the villager’s pupils be in the center of the eye instead of them being cross-eyed.
  • Implemented walls, art on the walls, windows on the walls, door, and a countertop.

Read the whole change list here

Have a good time with your family and friends, and if you have comments or suggestions please post them down below. Bye!
– DrEthan

The new demo is available on the Kings of Ember project page at Game Jolt. Go try it out!

Project Nekoforce

Doh042 recently shared their new project on Shining Force Central, and it’s already looking very Shining-style!

From the topic:

So, what’s special about my Shining Force Project to separate it from all the others?

  • Well, unlike many other projects, I’m not going for pixel art / retro grahpics — I don’t have a talent for it. I don’t really know how to do 3d either, so instead I will draw regular 2D art and try and get it to work.
  • I’m also not going for tile-base map design — I feel that with today’s computers, it’s not really helpful. Instead I draw a picture which is the map’s visuals, and in combat mode, I apply a logical grid behind it. I’m still not clear on the art direction for the map itself, in my current prototype I use a map of the 2nd battle of SF2 that was drawn in Crayon pretty much. Cute, but probably not what I’m going to end up doing for the real product.
  • I’m planning to have multiple endings, based on player actions. My current design is to observe the player’s behaviour in combat and determine the outcome of the story based on that. Similar to how, I think, Ogre Battle does it. I’m not clear yet if I want the player to be able to determine the branching through dialogue choice or actions in the exploration segment, or if it should be solely from how you fight.

Be sure to leave some feedback over at SFC!

Read more: Project Nekoforce (Temporary name)
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