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A bit of homework   (Read 3948 times)
Old Post September 25, 2008, 03:03:31 pm
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A bit of homework
Wow, my own sub-forum Cheesy
Thanks guys !!!

Now back to business,

I would like to know the exact colours of the HP/MP bar ?

So far I have: 

layer 1 - red (less than max hp)
layer 2 - yellow (normal hp-values)
layer 3 - blue (or green)
layer 4 - green (or blue)
layer 5 - other ?? 


Elvenfyre has supplied code that takes care of calculating
level-differences between attacker/defender.   
This works beautiful.

I've linked this with my code that contains information about
what type of monster you killed, the amount of EXP and gold you get
when killing it.

The code that follows the aforementioned procedure is already complete:

1- adding the XP to your total XP
2- when over 100 XP : -> Level Up
3- When Level Up occurs -> add HP (and MP when applicable) and/or receive
   new spells / or new spell-levels
4- complete text messages for step 2 and 3     

Whew, another problem solved then. Smiley


While the cinematic plays out, there are lines of text that keep returning:

1) <char>'s attack!

2) <char> got damaged by <total damage>

3) <char> was defeated.

4) <char> powered up!

5) <char> regains ?? hitpoints.

6a) <char> suffers ?? points of damage.
6b) <char> inflicts ?? points of damage on <char2>

There are a LOT of fights, so a bit of (text)variety is welcome.

(The following examples are a bit extreme , but you get the idea. Smiley )
- <char> gets kicked in the teeth for <damage>.
- <char> opens a can of whoopa$$ on <char2>

okay ... sorry about that. Smiley

All (decent) suggestions are welcome. Smiley

Love is Grand , Divorce ..... a hundred Grand

Old Post September 26, 2008, 12:01:26 pm
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Re: A bit of homework
SF2: red, yellow, green, blue, black
can't remember to be sure about SF1

One idea I had on reading your custom attack messages was that you could tie some up with weapon useage.  So if it's a sword type weapon being used it could be "x slices y for z damage", or arrow type weapon "x pierces y for z damage".  etc. 
so just add verbs... bashes, crushes, pounds, cuts, skewers, thumps. . .

Also providing a random chance for some more special ones (so maybe 1 in 100 times it might show up to spice things up).


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