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1   Shining World - Of Priest and Heal
[Note: Whatever written below is referencing to the 'Shining' games]

A support/healer in most classic RPG were called priest instead of a doctor/nurse
or Medic/Medical Specialist Unit. Well, it's too modern. Too modern means
no use of MP(or SP). No use of MP means boring RPG.. So Priest/Priestess is the solution!

Why a Priestess in SS2 can yeild a Flail?
In my entire life of playing RPG game,
this is the first time I ever heard of a Priest class yielding a flail.
Flail became an official 'Shining' series weapon in SF2.
In SF2 only the promoted class of Wizard, Sorcerer and Vicar can yield.
However, that 'Flail' is categories as Staff/Rod-type.
In my opinion due to the fact that Priestess can't cast offensive spell
is the reason as to why only Priestess were given the opportunity to use
the strong weapon, Flail.

If you have played Shining Force (SMD) (1st release of the 'Shining' series),
Priest is the NPC in every town who you'll seek for
'Revival', 'Cure Curse', 'Class Promotion' and 'Save game'.
Notice that the church/chapel have the crucifix?
(OMG, Jesus Christ, ever existed in that 'Shining' world?!
Well, if it is so then I supposed he is the son of Volcanon the 'bird'
and he also sacrifice his life for the sins in that world..
so that Darkness can do their thing,
knowing that somebody will cover up for their sins. In short, he was with the Darkness.
Knowing that, what's the point of Volcanon trying to stop the Darkness influence?
He should have stop his son instead..)

Corrections to the above, since Metapha is the land of the gods,
it means that there are more that one gods in the 'Shining' world.
Volcanon is one of them. (so far, only he and Goddess Mitula got our recognition)

(What I'm trying to say is... this Church-Priestess thingy
in the 'Shining' games is truly misleading)

Referring to the 'Shining Force series'
When a player use 'Angel Wing' in battle, the screen fade to black
and when its colorful again the hero is back at the last visited town.
The question behind the virtual graphic is:
   1. What really happened?
   2. How does the character use the 'Angel Wing'?
   3. How does the angel react to the 'Angel Wing'?
   4. Is 'Angel Wing' an angel's wing', a tool to summon angels, or an angel itself?
   5. Why can't the angel carry the enemy away?
After playing 'Shining Soul 1 & 2', only the first question is answered.
A human-sized angel came and carry the character and escort him/her to safety -
that is the last visited town.

Now using that information back to the 'Shining Force' series,
this means, when a character use [Egress] spell or 'Angel Wing',
he/she summons angels to carry all of the force members to safety.
As that is the case, I can conclude that the villain (may) also be using the angel
to their aid when you see them teleport in a non-battlefield event.

One thing for sure,
fairy is a neutral creature of neither Light nor Darkness.
An evidence is in 'Shining Soul II' itself. You can even kill them.
The card description says
"Fairy controlled by evil. Sad still an enemy."
What they mean by 'controlled by evil'?
Is the evil from the fairy itself or the Darkness, possibly Chaos?

Priest/Priestess in earlier 'Shining' games cast a 'Heal' spell that summons fairies
to do the healing.
Also healing items such as 'Herb', 'Healing Seeds', and 'Shower Of Cure'
summons fairie(s) to heal the target. So what does this tell us?

FYI, Fairies doesn't exist in Christianity belief, only angels.

And take note that a priest in real life
can never ever do such a miracle healing.
It have never and will never happen. This fantasy is an exaggeration of that reality.

All of those questions above...
I know most of you wouldn't care about it since 'Shining' games is just a game
but if it is made into series, there's got to be a reason and explaination as
to why the series keeps its format.

2   Re: What makes a Shining Style plot?
As far as I can notice, the Shining Style Plot always link back to the previous series..
They will somehow follow the official timeline.
For example, SF, SF2, SF3. Shining Soul 1 & 2 have common a character from SF, Boken.
SITD have DarkSol(although its not the same Darksol as in SF). SW(Sarah and Kazin)
The similarity in the plot in all of the 'Shining' game is always the same,
the Hero yield the power of Light to destroy the Darkness.

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