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Shining Aid is a place where you can get help with creating your RPG. There are articles, tutorials and interviews to read that will help improve your game creating skills. We also provide Shining Force style sprite sheets, tilesets and sound effects that can be used to speed up your development times.

Most of the articles cover Shining style RPGs, but if you have any ideas for articles you’d like to see please feel free to get in touch with your suggestions. Submissions are always welcome, and our submission guidelines explain how to send us an article.

Downloadable Resources

  • Audio


    Sound and music for your projects.

  • Graphics


    Free tilesets, sprites and backgrounds for RPG projects.

  • Tools


    Free tools to speed up game development.

  • Source Code

    Source Code

    Free source code modules in a variety of languages.

Articles & Tutorials

  • Articles


    Articles related to all facets of creating RPGs.

  • Tutorials


    Tutorials that walk you through many aspects of game development.

  • Interviews


    Interviews with other RPG developers.

  • Useful Links

    Useful Links

    Links to articles and resources that are useful for game creation