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The Shining Source (tSS) is a place for RPG developers to show off their creations and hang out with other like-minded people. We’re particularly interesting in Shining Force fangames, but we won’t turn you away if you’re different!

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The Team

Lots of people go into making tSS what it is, but the following people have been around since the early days. If The Shining Source was an animal, these people would be the brains, snout and (possibly) reproductive organs:

Devlyn's Portrait


Dev is the Big Daddy of the Shining Style, though I don’t think he’ll ever admit it. His main project is Shiny Sword : Cloud Slayer, though he still manages to find time to write side projects like BABS. He’s also an advisor on the Final Conflict project, so he’s never short of things to do. He’s always ready to help, and has given many people a good “Kick Up The Arse”© when needed. Games aside, he is also the Big Chief at TSS, with the majority of updates coming from him.

As well as being a Verge and Java programmer, he also has a talent for making music, drawing fireballs and making maps of Tasur. When he’s not working on his projects, he likes nothing better than to relax, smother his face with peanut butter and listen to some nice calming metal whilst eating a tasty bratwurst.

Aside from all that, he’s just a helluva nice guy!

Edgemaster's Portrait


Chris, or Edgemaster as he is known around here, is the webmaster of Shining Force World, and some other sites, all of which are undoubtedly hilarious and deserve a special place in all our hearts.

Chris is constantly striving for perfection, and each new design of the SFW banner brings an awed hush over its bless̩d witnesses Рthe design of the website reflect his strengths and eye for detail, creating a lush site full of the sort of comedy truly created by the hands of masters.

Having created our great leader, the Bouncy Ball, Chris’s immortality is as assured as Dev’s laziness and Elv’s continued disappearance. May Shining Force World grow to become the number one Shining Source! Oh no… wrong plug!

Elvenfyre's Portrait


Not much is known about Elvenfyre. He was found in a smouldering crater some years ago, and despite numerous scientific tests has only recently revealed his true power.

It should be noted that he was the first member to complete an online Shining-style game, which you can play here.

Mail him if you want to talk about anything as long as it isn’t jello, or if you want to ask about his Shining project.

Newts's Portrait


James is the main man here at TSS when it comes to music and his work puts an attractive gloss onto Shining Online. Definitely someone who we couldn’t do without, he spends a lot of time in front of the keyboard making tunes for Shining Online as well as taking the first steps to fame by placing his work on Audio Galaxy.

As well as being the main source here for audio goodness he has managed to establish himself as lead spell checker and the only man at Ye Olde Blah with his own set of personalised smilies! Not forgetting of course his involvement in the “expert guide to skiving” and many other jobs on Shining Online including plenty of artwork and design.

It’s a real mixed bag with James as you can see, the multi-talented guy is even learning to read Japanese! Comes in handy for those Japanese gaming sessions, although recently he has been enjoying the wonders of Dead or Alive on the Sega Saturn, lets hope it provides him with plenty of inspiration for future songs in Shining Online as the renowned game increases in stature with every demo release.

Ty's Portrait


Ty (also known as Tyba1t) is pretty much the big mastermind behind Shining Online. He joined the crew several months ago (actually, late 2000), when we both discovered that Shining Online and the Shining Source just have a tad too much in common. Besides that, the objectives were rather similar.

Like every serious Shining Game developer, he is continually busy with life, and _still_ does he manage to squeeze out a lot more than just the standard regular update. He’s done some significant contributions to this place, of which all the PHP scripting is one big part but also the webspace hosting should not be forgotten :). Being one of the two actual administrators on Ye Olde Blah he somehow has managed to forge a telepathic link with me on determining the right measure for the right forum screwup.

Of all people on the Shining Source, Ty is pretty much the guy who is everywhere all the time and yet seldom hits the spotlight. He’s way too modest to openly brag about his accomplishments yet he also has enough pride of his work to not let things deteriorate at all. The fact that he has been actively contributing to the Shining Game scene for like over a year now says one thing. And the fact that he still refuses to use some prebaked RPG maker says another. All in all a very versatile guy who does at least as much as I do, except in the blathering department ;)

Want to join?

If you want to join our “unique” group, see the “join us” page for more information. You can sign-up for an account at the “account sign-up” page.