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1   Re: Shining Online - Screens and updates [Updated August 28th]
Good point: there are often earthquakes in the Shining Force universe.

2   Re: The Wheel of Morality Keeps on Rollin'
Congratulations Dev!

3   Re: Bung Ole Ole Never Ending Thread - Vintage Classics Edition -
I read, so I must respond.

I checked my profile and saw I joined here in March 2004, nearly 10 years ago. I wonder if I'll be popping back in another 10 years' time to see what's changed? [Edit] In fact, it strikes me that it's 10 years since we moved across to PHPBB (right?) so I've actually been a member even longer.

Here's to you, Blah!

4   Re: If you can see this, everything works ;)

5   Re: The Wheel of Morality Keeps on Rollin'
Blah, here's to you. Past, present, and future of all my endeavours.

6   Re: I'm going to Amsterdam
As it happened I didn't get to explore the city at all - the closest I got was walking around Schiphol Airport looking for my departure gate (that airport is huge!)

Holland sure looks beautiful from the air, though. Kudos on that!

7   I'm going to Amsterdam
And it only felt right to tell Ye Olde Blah, Home of the Dutchies.

I will be in Amsterdam for one night only on January 19th as I am attending a mysterious event there. I'll have a few hours of leisure time in the morning so let me know what good sights I should see!

8   Re: A Ridiculous Idea
haha, I like that idea. A Shining Force fangame community fangame? The madness!

What sorts of videos would you want? I have no SF-like equipment in real life so I'd have to improvise...

9   Re: Project YouTube vids?
And of course let me know if you need any music doing Smiley

10   Re: New thread concept!!
Only a four-year old Drew Barrymore in a Steven Spielberg movie could justify such facial animosity.

What would justify the use of smelly pink socks?

11   Re: The kins is back
Hey Sean, welcome back! This is also my first time back on Blah in a while but it's good to see us all using it to keep in touch Smiley

Unlike everyone else I'm still living where I was when we last spoke Tongue I'm married now and working as a games journalist for a few sites as well as in a games shop. Life's pretty good at the moment, busy but good.

I look forward to walking into a book shop and buying your masterpiece sometime in the near future!

12   Re: The Wheel of Morality Keeps on Rollin'
It's moments like that make me proud to be a member of this family. Good work.

I haven't got very drunk lately, but I did have a bit too much wine and play SingStar Dance with Hannah. The catastrophic (and painful) results are available to view online as a warning to future generations.

13   Re: Shining Online - Screens and updates [updated Jan 15th]
Shining Online will NEVER DIE.

14   Re: Ye Olde Chat, The Return of
I had no idea we had a chatroom. I will attempt to keep it open when I'm at the PC.

8pm tomorrow, you say? See you there Smiley

15   Re: Shining Online - Screens and updates [updated Jan 15th]
For some reason I can't see these shots on either Chrome or I.E. :\

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