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1   Re: The Wheel of Morality Keeps on Rollin'
All’s good, changes are inevitable heh. Hope everyone’s doing well. Loads to catch up. Haha! Miss the old times Wink

2   Re: The Wheel of Morality Keeps on Rollin'
HIIIIII!!! OMG!!!!  Is anyone still aliiiive here? Are the wheels still turning?! I’m so happy to have found YOB again!

3   Another asteroid, on a collision course!
It looks like a browned torso of a woman with her boobies lopped off... :lol: ....

4   Word Association Thread
Las Vegas?!! :lol:  *waves*

5   What's the meaning of your avatar?
My avatar is a small whitebox with a red cross.  Isn't it cool or what?  :lol:
And Satan, do not diss .Hack ok?!

6   any ladies here?
Hmmm...so i guess the topic's changed huh?  From females to quotes...  :roll:   How "man"like.

Aniways, I'm doing fine Dev.... Cheesy and hi to you Alberto...u still around? Tongue

7   any ladies here?
well you can make it TWO ladies now.... Cheesy   and guys...just be yourselves....if a woman/girl won't like you in a erotic/loving way, just leave her alone and be good friends with her....  There is no need for pretence, y'all.

8   the one word story thread!
flails?  :lol:

Footnote:  Hello everybodeeeeeeeeee!  Cheesy   Remember me?  Miss u guys...at least those who can recall moi.... :roll:

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