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1   Re: The Wheel of Morality Keeps on Rollin'
In other news, I FINALLY found my password back!

I'm not able to change it though, somehow the interface doesn't let me. But at least I'm logged in now Wink.

Good to see you all again!

2   Re: Game updates thread
Revamped status screens! Smiley

3   Re: Game updates thread
As of today there are portraits in the games when you chat to different people. I already drew 10 portraits and I plan to make many more! Smiley

4   Re: Game updates thread
...but first I added a horse, a tavern with conversation and several new tiles Wink.

I also redid all the player and monster stats to ensure a better balance in the game.

5   Re: Game updates thread
Basic materials and smithy system is in place now. You find the ores, they'll make you the weapons.

Soon, weapons will be able to break and shatter as well!

6   Re: Game updates thread
Many more changes are coming up. I already added more quests and made more sophisticated land effect rules. The setting is also becoming richer although I do need to still add larger plotlines and story sequences into the game. Modulo any remaining bugs, I think one could easily spend 4-5 hours trying to get through all the battles and quests now.

7   Re: Game updates thread
Another major update. I did a complete overhaul of the item system. Weapons are now highly tactical, with properties well extending beyond basic damage, and I can select different materials which automatically modify the source images to give each weapon a distinct look.

Also, the first siege battle is in, which includes a Fortress the player can conquer, and where he/she has to take down walls in addition to the opponents.

8   Re: Game updates thread
Major update here. Opponents can now cast spells, both offensive ones and healing spells Smiley.

AI is still clunky though, that'll need a bit more work...

9   Re: Game updates thread
Oh, I never got around to this, but I'll zip it up and send it to you straight away Smiley.

By the way, I added several more maps, and I inserted the first lever puzzle in the game Smiley.

10   Re: Game updates thread
Btw. I do still have problems committing to the SVN repo, as I keep getting checksum errors. However, I do now have a private repo in Github which I use as a backup.

Do you have any idea how we could solve these checksum errors?

11   Re: Game updates thread
Short update here. I made an enormous number of changes over Christmas. These include:

- more maps.
- two new organizations with quests.
- several new battles.
- support for traps, doors (with keys) and locked chests.
- support for notifications (short messages from party members which add flavour but do not conjure text boxes).
- a *lot* of new tiles.
- several new terrain types.
- a new poison status, which gives players an x % chance to lose a hit point at every step they take.
- a lot of bug fixes Smiley.
- a lot of new NPCs Smiley.
- probabilities for characters. Some characters and events now only happen... *sometimes*.
- Expanded sewers, and two new dungeons.

12   Re: The Wheel of Morality Keeps on Rollin'
Thanks Smiley.

13   Re: Game updates thread
And now I've started doing a slight overhaul of some tiles and maps. The graphics will never be smashing, but I think they're now a bit better than they were... Smiley.

14   Re: The Wheel of Morality Keeps on Rollin'
Enormously! And soon to be dad too Wink.

15   Re: Game updates thread
Guys...just wanted to say that this project is still not dead Wink.

In fact, I've added a huge number of new features and tweaks. This time most of them were subtle, but keep track of the commit logs to see what all is being added Smiley.

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