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1   Shining Force and AI
So since I'm using it everywhere else in life, thought I'd spend a quick 10 minutes using AI on shining force related things.

Midjourney (5.2 at this post)
Examples: Character art, items, wooden floor tiles

I'm sure you could do a lot more, a lot better and match the older style if you wanted to, see:

ChatGPT (3.5)
of course you use it to help code I suppose, but I don't think it fits that purpose particularly well if you're trying to actually craft a finished product.  However it's great for all that random dialogue, and helping to spur you into driving the adventurer with local hooks.

"Making a game similar to Shining Force 2 on Sega Mega Drive.  Please write me 50 villager dialogue lines that could be put into the game.  Some will be a few words, some will be several sentences."

"Good day, traveler. What brings you to our humble village?"
"Beware of the nearby forest. Strange creatures have been sighted there."
"Have you heard about the ancient ruins? They say there's treasure hidden within."
"The harvest this year was bountiful. We'll have enough to last through the winter."
"Greetings, stranger. Are you in need of a place to rest?"
"The blacksmith makes the finest weapons in the land. You should pay him a visit."
"The mayor is looking for brave warriors to help protect our village from bandits."
"The river to the east is said to be haunted. I wouldn't go near it if I were you."
"I saw a shooting star last night. They say it grants wishes. What would you wish for?"
"If you're looking for potions, the apothecary has the best remedies in town."
"Be careful when traversing the mountains. The paths can be treacherous."
"The village festival is coming up. You should join us for some fun and games."
"Did you know there's a hidden cave behind the waterfall? Few have explored its depths."
"The old wise woman in the village knows many secrets. Seek her counsel if you dare."
"We've been having trouble with a pack of wolves lately. They've been attacking our livestock."
"The baker just made a fresh batch of pies. They're selling like hotcakes!"
"The village elder is a skilled storyteller. You should listen to one of his tales."
"Welcome to our village! We may be small, but we have a big heart."
"Have you seen the bard? His songs can lift the spirits of even the most downtrodden."
"The innkeeper has the comfiest beds in the realm. A good night's rest is guaranteed."
"I heard rumors of a hidden treasure buried in the village graveyard. Care to investigate?"
"The children have been playing near the old well. It's been in our village for generations."
"Our village is known for its delicious honey. The bees here are quite extraordinary."
"The village blacksmith is always looking for apprentices. Interested in learning a trade?"
"The old mill on the outskirts of the village has been abandoned for years. It gives me the creeps."
"The local wizard has been experimenting with new spells. I hope he doesn't blow us all up."
"The village healer has a remedy for every ailment. She's a true miracle worker."
"Did you hear about the lost dog? The whole village is on a search mission."
"I've seen a peculiar glowing object in the forest. It might be worth investigating."
"The mayor's daughter is missing. We fear she may have been kidnapped by brigands."
"I once found a rare gemstone near the river. It was the luckiest day of my life."
"There's a rumor that an enchanted sword is hidden in the ancient temple. Are you brave enough to find it?"
"The village is known for its vibrant festivals. The next one is just around the corner."
"The bridge to the neighboring village has collapsed. We're cut off from the outside world for now."
"The local farmers have been struggling with a blight. We need divine intervention."
"The forest is home to a mystical hermit. They say he can see into the future."
"The village well is said to have magical properties. It has healed many ailments over the years."
"The village's best archer can hit a bullseye from a mile away. It's quite impressive."
"I once ventured into the haunted mansion on the hill. It was a terrifying experience."
"The village is preparing for a grand celebration. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the festivities."
"The ancient stone circle in the forest is said to grant wishes. But be careful what you wish for."
"The village's historian has a wealth of knowledge about our ancestors. You should pay him a visit."
"There's a hidden underground tunnel that leads to the neighboring village. It's our secret escape route."
"The local sculptor is working on a masterpiece. It's going to be a sight to behold."
"The village has been plagued by a series of mysterious thefts. The thief remains elusive."
"The herbalist in the village has potions that can cure any ailment. They're worth every coin."
"We've had reports of a giant serpent lurking in the nearby lake. Swimmers beware!"
"The village schoolteacher is looking for books to expand our library. Knowledge is power."
"I saw a ghostly figure near the old graveyard. It gave me quite a fright."
"The village is known for its talented musicians. We have our own orchestra that performs on special occasions."

10 minutes is up, BUT I do want to do a shout out to MusicGen by Meta

2   Re: The Wheel of Morality Keeps on Rollin'
The fact I missed my own designated day means I cannot blame anyone else!
Maybe it needs to be further in the future and with some merit.
Feel free to contact me, my username at gmail dot com.

3   Re: The Wheel of Morality Keeps on Rollin'
I'm still in NZ!

Miss you all.
We should have some kind of weird forum party day.

I designate 21-09-21.

On that day, regardless of time zone, ye olde blah should shine with force once more!

4   Life lessons learnt in shining force
Please let me know any awesome moments or tough times you can directly (or bratvurst it, indirectly) relate to shining force right here.

5   Re: Bung Ole Ole Never Ending Thread - Vintage Classics Edition -
Bung, definitely.
Old?  Hell yes.
Never ending?  this posts does it!


If you were a bean, what kind of bean would you be?

6   Re: The Wheel of Morality Keeps on Rollin'
Over 1 year, possibly the longest rotation.
However martusalem says it continues to rotate.

7   Re: Shining Online - Screens and updates [Updated February 23rd, 2016]
I am here with you.
Ready to play your game.

8   Re: Bung Ole Ole Never Ending Thread - Vintage Classics Edition -
Banner Saga was nice, short but sweet.

Also: On the steam store for US$10
SEGA Mega Drive Classics Pack 4
Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole, Shining Force, Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair, Streets of Rage 2, Alien Soldier, Light Crusader, Gunstar Heroes, Streets of Rage, Shining Force II, Shining in the Darkness

9   Re: Shining Online - Screens and updates [Updated August 28th]
 Grin Grin

Progress is progress is progress!

10   Re: Game updates thread
Excellent, that is a really handy feature Smiley

11   Re: Bung Ole Ole Never Ending Thread - Vintage Classics Edition -

The Banner Saga, by the way, just getting it to try out, one of their influences is shining force.

Also finished Divinity Original Sin, pretty amazing turn based strategy in its own right, just not as much party goodness as I want.

12   Re: I <3 my shining force :D
Indeed welcome Smiley

13   Re: Game updates thread
Hey Devlyn, that sprite editor sounds great Smiley
Can you release that separately as well for us?

14   Re: Alpha version of Shiny Sword: The Dark Dimension

is egress going to be a consideration?
that would probably be my most desired spell at this point.

15   Re: Alpha version of Shiny Sword: The Dark Dimension
Oh yeah absolutely, I love it.
Still trying to work out how to win haha Cheesy

The shop seems pretty robust except for that one point, it just needs that statement for getting the partycount to be outside the doonce check I believe.

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