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1   Re: Shining Nuptials
Congrats, how many married people are there here now? We seem to be following the same trend. I actually got married in May 2008, after being with my wife long distance for about 2 years. We had a small wedding, which is what we wanted. Would have married sooner, but there was an issue with me being white (and by that account, supposedly a Christian... but they know better now).

My current girlfriend is from Iran and although her family isn't religious, marriage in her culture is very much an ideology I disagree with.

I don't mean to probe but what exactly do you disagree with? I actually ended up converting to Islam (which was a total reversal of my previous self, I was anti-religious and an Atheist pretty much up to then), and my wife is Bengali (British by birth, immigrant parents from Bangladesh) although we're what you call "Sunni" not the majority Shia from Iran.

(Edit: I've made the assumption that she comes from a Muslim family, however there is a sizeable Jewish population there too)

2   Re: I love you guys still...
I think we have a trend going now, we're all getting married and having kids. What went wrong?

Does any of our partners share the same taste in games? I managed to get mine into Fallout3 and Bioshock, and she even finished FF12, but no luck on the Shining Games yet, too geeky.

3   Re: I'm baaccckkkkk!
I did get a chance to download the latest projects and had fun playing them, I haven't really got anywhere with my own though since June, I've been busy dealing with other games in my belt and other crap like being unemployed (which theoretically should have PROMOTED me developing a game I'm hoping to make money on but I ended up working on my other pre-existing free-to-play pay-for-extra games which includes a Civilization clone which is starting to resemble a Civilization clone :p).

I am admittedly still using BYOND ( http://www.byond.com ) but its a lot more professional now (and have literally just gone into automatic Isometric tiling too-although you could do it yourself before). I make about 2 weeks worth of unemployment benefit a year from my games there, but better than nothing.

Also I was so dumb we accidentally ordered the Xbox 360 version of the Mega Drive collection, although luckily she had one of them too.

(Edit: I did make a FF1 clone in 24 hours though: http://www.byond.com/games/Acebloke/Gaoithe as part of a Game-in-a-Day competition - although its hard to look at and some parts are half done ;p Technically there is an end boss and a storyline though)

4   Re: Class damage benefits against others
Thanks! I do remember now that SF3 had it, didn't it use some system in which each weapon (like swords, bows, axes etc) had 3 types? Some would have a ranged weapon like spears and throwing axes, but then there would be others like Halberds and Lances, small and great axes?

5   Class damage benefits against others
I forget whether or not Shining Force had this, and I know they had elemental resistance, but typically a lot of Strategy games, especially Fire Emblem, make it so if your flying units were to get whacked by an arrow, it'd either kill them in one or near enough to be finished off with a pansy with a celery stick.

To be honest, I never really quite understood the theory of that, other than to give them a severe disadvantage from being able to move so far/past walls/water etc. While arrows/guns whatever is the only things able to touch flying units when they are theoretically in the air except when they swoop to attack, they are never posed as being physically weaker than others (and typically get hit for the same amount of damage by a sword as anyone else; also breaking the theory that they are in the air).

I'm pondering whether to include this in my upcoming game, and if SF did do this, does anyone have any clue how they worked out the extra damage?

6   Re: Getting rid of the grind
I never used to have a PC when I was young, so the first time playing in 3D environments was really the PS1/Sega saturn after living on 2D carts with no loading screens. In fact, the only loading screen I ever saw before the age of CD's was on Sim City, sometimes in late stages of the game, they actually have a message saying "please wait!" or something similar when you go to save or load. This message lasts about 2 seconds, and at first only flashes without you being able to actually read it.

I was hugely disappointed (and possibly partically jealous as I never had one of these consoles at the time) that you spend quite a large pecentage of your time waiting at loading screens; and hoped it would get better. These games tended to be rather plain environments, with simple maps, almost making the whole idea of being in a 3D environment pointless.

 I've just been playing on a PS3 lately for the first time, and was probably waiting for it to load longer than actually playing it. This was with "Heavenly Sword" particularly and "Metal Gear Solid 4" which had to install more and more stuff onto the HD every few hours (and is crampt with extremely slow cutscenes everytime you move to a new area/screen/map). What the heck is with that anyway? Are the days of being a console running from a game cart/disk over?

7   Re: I'm baaccckkkkk!
Well I did get married too, but I didn't move to Florida.

Is there a problem with the downloads? I've tried downloading some of the recent project updates and I just get a page saying:

"You do not have permission to download this file."

http://www.shiningsource.net/download/10/ for example.

I know I haven't really mentioned much about my project in my first post, but would it be ok to be listed here even though I plan to make money from it? (there will be no copyright violations, I swear!).

8   I'm baaccckkkkk!
Here to piss you all off again.

I have a new Shining Force rip off project up my sleeves, and it'll probably do better than my last one (Joshtan) that I haven't even released yet.

The plan is the make the single player storyline free, and then for an extremely small one time fee allow people to play multiplayer. I already have my movement system sorted (which is fairly SF like) and basic commands, who knows, might even have a demo up sometime.

This was probably totally influenced by the fact that I noticed the Sega Mega Drive collection for PS3 has already been released (with the mega drive shining games on it), and fooled my sister in law to go buy it for the PS3 she has which I don't and she never uses.

So whats been going on here?

9   Re: Sega Mega Drive Collection
Nah it isn't Flare, shes got armour on, perhaps a Phantasy star character or from one of the other dungeon crawlers.

10   Re: Ye Olde Chat, The Return of
I'll come along.

11   Re: Sega Mega Drive Collection
Had it come in the post today, didn't expect it to. Thought they'd delay it, but its out.

12   Re: Moogie's calling it a day.
Quote from: Newts
Quote from: peegai
Quote from: Ty
In one year, that is.

<a href="http://www.shiningforcecentral.com/news.php?m=1&story=322">Read the full story</a>.

If you've ever wanted to own part of her collection, now would be a good time as most of it is being sold.

The article reeks of narcissism, in my opinion. This Moogie seems to be so full of herself at times. (Then again, most entrepreneurs are.)

Welcome, friend.

And don't get me started on the fucking message board: it's mostly overrun by a clique of anally-rententive, obnoxious twats (TTG, Rune, etc).

Hello and welcome to the internet!

Not everyone I've met on the internet have been complete assholes, so I don't see what your point is, considering that it's a narrow-minded one.

Hallow and welcome to the brighter side of the internet, acebloke! We love ya, kiddo! Smiley

You didn't get it, never mind. British humour.

13   Re: Sega Mega Drive Collection
It keeps getting pushed back, its now the 2nd of Feb on play.com, I don't really keep up with the game industry these days so don't tend to follow release dates.

14   Re: Birthday wishes
19 and still better than you.

15   Sega Mega Drive Collection
There's a Mega Drive Collection for PS2 and PSP about to come out Hopefully in a months time called Sega Mega Drive Collection (£20 RRP, Play.com is doing it for £17).

It has:

    * Alex Kidd - The Enchanted Castle
    * Altered Beast
    * Bonanza Brothers
    * Columns
    * Comix Zone
    * Decap Attack starring Chuck D.Head
    * Ecco the Dolphin
    * Ecco: The Tides of Time
    * Ecco Jr.
    * Kid Chameleon
    * Flicky
    * Gain Ground
    * Golden Axe
    * Golden Axe II
    * Golden Axe III
    * Phantasy Star II
    * Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom
    * Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millenium
    * Ristar
    * Shinobi III
    * Sonic the Hedgehog 1
    * Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    * Super Thunder Blade
    * Sword of Vermilion
    * Vectorman 1
    * Vectorman 2
    * Virtua Fighter 2

Games unique to the PS2 collection - Unlockables
    * Altered Beast Arcade
    * Future SPY
    * Tac/Scan
    * Zaxxon
    * Zektor
Games unique to the PSP collection - Unlockables
    * Astro Blaster
    * Tip Top
    * Eliminator
    * Space Fury
    * Super Zaxxon

Its a pretty good deal, especially since the Phantasy star collection can tend to go for over a £100 on cart. 2 sonic the hedgehog games (shame they didn't add the others really), Shinobi 3, Golden Axe Series, And the Ecco the Dolphin series along with some of the cheesy classics.

A must buy, yes you agree.

No Shining Force though, if it had that then it'd be better than sex.

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