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Battle Engine Equations   (Read 3980 times)
Old Post June 23, 2009, 01:14:46 am
Blahian *

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Battle Engine Equations
Does anyone have a rundown of the equations / forumlas / calculations (written 3 different ways to help with search) that we used in the Shining Force battles.
Turn order
Hit probability
Experience to level up
Experience earned
Movement range
Stat improvement on level up
I really want a cohesive set that work together.  So all the base equations for SF1 or SF2 or etc, but not a mix of those.
Is there already a guide that goes over this?
Any help would be appreciated.

New Post June 23, 2009, 04:18:09 am
Administrator Shining Spammer *

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Re: Battle Engine Equations
Well we do have one expert who will know I'm sure - Aura4.
You'll notice from the Home page he's got a demo of a remake of shining force 2.  It has most of these correct.

From what I know by playing the game(although it has been years now).
Turn order: is high agility to low agility.
Hit probability: random modifier * agility difference
damage: attackers strength - victims defense, (* 2 for critical strike) minimum hit = 1 damage.
experience to level up: 100 points for each level.
experience earned: each creature seems to have an innate "level".  so for example if a creature is a couple levels above you, killing it grants you 48 exp, while if it is a couple levels below you, killing it earns 2 exp.  I don't have a table drawn up I'm afraid.
movement range: movement range modified by terrain percentage
stat improvement on level up: I believe these are randomly drawn from a pool of possible stat gains - except for spells which are set level handouts(?)

There's also a pretty good faq here with equations:


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