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Shining Truth   (Read 2684 times)
New Post August 02, 2004, 08:33:21 pm
Blahian *

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Shining Truth

Yes its a thread for a supposedly dead fan-game that never came up with a demo. Reasons a plenty, but i'm not going to bore you with them.

Progress has been 0% because i haven't worked on Shining Truth for ages. Been doing music, studying for O'levels, guitar.

But i do intend to start work on Shining Truth soon. However, it would go real slowly, due to exams. Loads of them. And i'm waiting for Game Maker 6 to come out Smiley

I basically wanted to ask a simple question. What type of style would be visually appealing in SF style battle attacks? As in, u go into the cinematic parts when u attack.

In SFII, they were pretty stagnant. In SFIII, they were marvellous. But i'm not about to do anything 3D. However, i can sorta do a pseudo 3D thing. Like in Star Ocean where the battles are 3D backgrounds but the characters are 2D. Or something like that.

I really don't know. Programming is not an issue. Its more of the aritistic resources, sadly. Any ideas?

Oh and yes, the battle system will still be in isometric Smiley
Isometric is great fun. A pain sometimes but great fun nonetheless.

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