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Shining fangame music   (Read 3182 times)
Old Post January 11, 2007, 11:35:38 am
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Shining fangame music
With my articles on creating Shining-style music coming along well, I thought it might be interesting to find out who else creates music for their fangames, or how they get it done. Music is an under-represented part of creating fangames, and isn't as hard as everyone seems to think, certainly no harder than programming I'd say.

Next week I also hope to have a selection of music files available for download from TRAP, including jingles for promotions, saves, overnight stays etc. If there's a particular piece of music or jingle you think fangames would benefit from, let me know and I'll do what I can. I'll stop short of putting myself available for whole soundtracks - I already have four of them to do! - but I will gladly help the community as a whole with little bits to help.

Share a piece of music from your fangame and any tips you might have, questions and so forth, and we can all club intogether to help.

New Post January 17, 2007, 12:30:29 pm
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Re: Shining fangame music
As you may or may not know I attempted to compose some music.
It was mostly dismal due to a small attention span and a very limited memory of my theory training.
My method was to go into Sibelius, hum a tune to myself, figure out what sort of instruments I thought might sound cool, and then try to plot the tune.
After this with the remaining instruments I'd go through and randomly place what I hoped were harmonies and bass lines - yet in nearly all cases, created a chaotic feeling.

I never went over the piece once I had gotten through it the first time, because I generally felt I could do better if I started from scratch.

This proved to be true as I slowly mellowed the chaotic feeling and at the same time led me away from the brave, adventuring music which I wanted to create.
So I have several pieces I am in fact proud of, yet they would only be good for certain portions of a game.

You're right, the music is an extremely important part of a game, even as much as the "look and feel" of the graphics are important.  Both are key parts of ambience and mood setting that make a game what it is.


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