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Shining Force III refugee battle   (Read 5823 times)
Old Post May 22, 2007, 10:36:15 pm
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Shining Force III refugee battle
Hello everyone,

Phil's having a few troubles getting past this battle at the moment. Dantares makes it to the switch, and the refugees make it across the tracks, but the knights and archers always seem to bash them about. I know neither Chris nor myself got around to creating a map or guide for this battle, but I wondered if anyone had any hints to give Phil a bit of a fighting chance.

Cheers guys!

Old Post May 25, 2007, 05:06:01 am
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Re: Shining Force III refugee battle
I really wish I could help, but its been ages since I played SF3. I do remember that battle being pretty difficult though.

D        D   E          R      R     P       P  !!!
D        D   EEEE    RRRRR     PPPPP   !!!
D        D   E          R    R       P
DDDDD    EEEEE  R      R     P            !!!

Old Post May 29, 2007, 05:43:26 pm
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Re: Shining Force III refugee battle
I finally managed to beat the battle last night, but it was certainly tough. In the end I sent Dantares to get the switch, then moved Julian, Synbios and Obright across the tracks to fight the other soldiers. I then moved Dantares, and (finally) they took the bait by attacking him instead of the refugees.

Despite it being stupidly hard, it's still one of my favourite battles in any Shining Force game.

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