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1   Re: Lost and confused
Memory coming back.... not sure what happened....

2   Lost and confused

What is this place? Have I been here before? Help!!!

3   Shining Force III on an emulator
Cassini doesn't work very well for me Sad

On SF3 the in game graphics are perfect and smooth... but the music isn't there and the text is all fuzzy!

Its a shame though because I thought the graphics looked even better than they did on the Saturn Sad

Other games like NiGHTS don't even work at all on my machine.....

4   Bung Ole Never Ending Thread: Turbo Super Version Alpha 6.34
It has taken over my life at a crucial time when I should be working on uni stuff Sad

Damn Konami.

I have the PC version as well... it seems you can play others online as well? Haven't tried it yet but sure will do sometime. Maybe we can have a YoB match? Tongue

5   A TWST
our genitals

6   Bung Ole Never Ending Thread: Turbo Super Version Alpha 6.34
Edgey Update:

Busy, busy, busy.... doing my final year at University. Which reminds me... would anyone like to complete my final year project survey (its about online voting)?


Anyways, I've not done anything Shining for a long time. Even SFC seems to have frozen all the time i've been away Tongue

In fact, the only video game I play these days is Pro Evolution Soccer.... quite sad really Sad I wish I had time to play more video games dammit!!

7   Bung Ole Never Ending Thread: Turbo Super Version Alpha 6.34
I just bought weird al's album Cheesy Its brilliant...

Confessions part 3 is good...

8   A TWST
had beer

9   Best eBay auction ever
DAMN! I was a tad late seeing this topic.

Oh well, I know what he says anyways.

"By the power of Grayskull... I HAVE THE POWER!!"

They had to blank it out for copyright reasons.

10   More graphical moaning
I think you should use whats available to you and 'tweak' the graphics to your own liking.

No centaurs? Thats shocking. Though you could always chop a human sprite and get the bottom of a horse sprite and hey! Bobs your uncle, and not just any uncle, a CENTAUR uncle. Imagine how cool that would be, an uncle who could just totally kick anyones arse ANYTIME he wanted AND hear people from miles away with his large ears.

Back on topic though. Yes, I think you should use the stored graphics. But the n again, the original SO Demo 4 looked awesome in my opinion...its a very difficult debate!

11   Tactics - shining-esque battle scene game
Yes....quite a long queue. Unfortunately I am very inpatient, the screenshots on the hompage do look quite good though!!

12   My new blog
I particularly like the article on Burning Rangers.....very nice!

Tell me Mr.Newts, did you rescue Elliot (from NiGHTS)? I never managed to find him in the game!!! I rescued claris, but Eliot was the only civilian missing from my files.

I always wondered if saving ALL of the hostages opened up any extra features.... maybe even the infamous 2-player mode!!! :S

13   Have a merry ASCII christmas!
Now THATS a cracker! Tongue

14   Have a merry ASCII christmas!
         /  \
        /    \

Hurrah! Merry Chrimbo one and all, and may you all be dazzled by my 3|_337 ASCII 8R|_ SKILLZ INNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Please spread the joy with more ascii christmas art.

15   The Wheel of Morality Keeps on Rollin'
The wheel is rolling here! 4 in fact, some chav's turned a car upside down outside my house :S

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