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SF2 Remake Code   (Read 3970 times)
Old Post March 02, 2010, 04:26:48 am
Shining Asteroid *

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SF2 Remake Code
I noticed GlaphanKing is working on making the code into an editor.  I don't mean to offend him in any way, but it often goes that people tend to drop their projects before completion.  I don't think this will happen, with him, as he seems to be doing quite well though his last update was a few months ago.  I really do hope he finishes, as it would be the first major breakthrough in an editor since BABS.

In the mean time, I'm also going to play with the code some.  My knowledge is limited, but I think I can get somewhere with it, especially since the base code is there and much of the actual battle coding is done.  I tend to be very good at learning along the way how to use what, especially if I have base code to use 'context clues',  so to speak, and help me along.

I'm more or less going to try and finish what Aura4 started, rather than make it my mission to create an editor.  I think I may switch to making an SF1 remake, though.  I'd like to see the AI of that game improved, and SF2's AI was a major improvement, though it still wasn't perfect.  This will also allow me to rip graphics for tiles for TRAP, as I can use them for the remake also.  If I do end up getting far with this, then maybe I'll change it into an editor, that is, if GlaphanKing doesn't finish first Wink

Old Post March 07, 2010, 02:20:41 am
Shining Sideburns *

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Re: SF2 Remake Code
Cool! Always good to see project activity. Make sure you keep us updated Smiley

And yes, most of us here are easily distracted Wink

New Post March 23, 2010, 02:07:20 pm
Blahian *

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Re: SF2 Remake Code
Hi, Aura4's here!
It's great you find my sourcecode useful and want to code something based on it! I wish you good luck with your adventure.
Too bad I don't have time to continue coding the Shining Force 2 Remake at the moment, but let's see, maybe I'll have more time some day.

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