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Busy Busy Busy but still trugging along   (Read 3810 times)
Old Post August 08, 2010, 09:52:13 am
Blahian *

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Busy Busy Busy but still trugging along
Well, so far I have been busy upgrading my audio studio computer and the only time I have been working on the game myself is editing story content etc...

But anywho, The project is moving forward as planned but slowly. I have more music composed, a completed codex of characters, skills, and growth charts and the equations that go with how they calculate damage etc, as well as the full story done and on paper, the battle spread sheets, and I even have a working voice cast (many semi-pro people from Hollywood through a film producer friend of mine.

That is the good news, along being really busy with work and having a sit down interview with Hans Zimmer and preparing for it all took a lot of time out of my regular day. But here is the bad news.

The person I had to do 3d character design was actually kind of a rip-off artist so I had to drop him from the project, especially since he was doing some EXTREME borrowing. So I am short the 3d designers and my programmer is starting to veer away from the project to since the material is here, it just needs to get visually and interactively made (outside the audio which has been my project that I have been keeping up with).

ANyway, I know my updates are few and far between but hopefully this gives you a good idea of where we are atm.

Have faith, we will keep trying to move forward!

"So, you want to see if the carpet matches the drapes eh? Well, only the luckiest of ladies get to find that out." ^^

Old Post August 13, 2010, 02:00:52 pm
Shining Sideburns *

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Re: Busy Busy Busy but still trugging along
Great to hear things are still moving along, even if it is slowly (we all know the feeling Smiley)

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