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Dark Resurrection 3D   (Read 95634 times)
Old Post April 07, 2004, 01:27:33 am
Shining Forever *

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Dark Resurrection 3D
Quote from: "M07hM4n"
Quote from: "bEn"

A compauter is only as intelligent as its programmer and user so maybe you are threatening the wrong person..... :wink:

Well do you rather setting the computer or yourself on fire? Wink

Maybe they could wear a blazer ! *hears a dud dum ching*

SC: dead again, dun dun dun.

Old Post April 07, 2004, 01:50:38 am
Shining Asteroid *

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Dark Resurrection 3D
Second Pic is nice too, but what the hell is it supposed to be?  A gigantic house!? (Unless of course it's headquarters Cheesy ) It would be better if both sets of graphics were ripped from the same game, too... :lol:

Old Post April 07, 2004, 07:43:16 am
Shining Something *

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Dark Resurrection 3D
Are these done with SMEE?

hining Odyssey under devlopment: http://mapage.noos.fr/zylokh

Old Post April 07, 2004, 09:15:18 am
Shining Something *

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Dark Resurrection 3D
@ Zylokh: erm.. no..I programmed my own editor.

However, in its current state this editor is waaaay too clunky for other people to use.  :cry:
But....I plan to work-on/rewrite it once the game is finished  Cheesy

@ Moth: well, it looks like I have some explaining to do.

I'll start at the beginning (oh so convenient  :wink:  )

All maps are tiled (1 tile=24x24 pixels)

There is one base-map (this one is 828x828 pixels)
That means that I can put 1225 tiles on the base-map

I use the base-map for constructing all my maps for towns, dungeons etc.
The only thing I save from these maps is their data.

There's a file that contains all the data about the grid-positions
Another file contains the data about the tile-graphic,landeffect, etc

In DIV is a handy dandy command called : MAP_XPUT
With this command I can copy one graphic onto another

In DIV it's something like this:

load ("c:\grid_data.dat, offset data")
load ("c:\tile_data.dat, offset data")
for (b=1;b<1226;b++)
    data[c]   =field[b].graph

Are you with me so far?  :lol:

Most of the tiles are cut(ted ?) from various bmps/gifs/jpgs from various sites. Lots of tiles are variations/combinations from other tiles.
(55% is original SF artwork, 45% is mine)

Now, the maps you see on this page are screen-grabs, taken from my editor, with a resolution of 1024x768.

Normally, the resolution for the game is 320x240, but with this res. you can't see much of the entire map, now do you?  Shocked

And now (finally) your question: are the graphics ripped?

erm.. some tiles are ripped. some are not. The screen-grabs you see most certainly are my own work.

I'm flattered that you can't tell the difference between the original tiles and
my own work.  Cheesy

Now, I'm off for some coding.

Cya Peepz

Love is Grand , Divorce ..... a hundred Grand

Old Post April 15, 2004, 10:49:40 am
Shining Something *

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Dark Resurrection 3D
Hi Everyone,

I mailed Devlyn the first townmap (designed by Gritzcolin) and a few screenshots.

It is now possible to control the main character and talk to people.
The textsystem (used for typing one letter at a time) also works perfectly.

Also working: entering a house. Note, that all houses have a roof, and that each roof is detachable once you enter a particular house. It also works the other way round: If you leave a house and the roof isn't there, then the roof will put itself back on.

Townspeople are able to walk around town. I've programmed it in such a way that it is impossible, for the main character as well as the townspeople, to walk through each other. Cheesy Cheesy

Code for the itemshop is almost complete, and is in for about 75%
I'll leave the deals-section blank for now, coz I'll have to program a battle in such a way, that the program will put items of fallen enemies in the item-shop in case all inventory-slots are full      

And now for something completely different:

I'd like your thoughts about this one:

Normally, if you buy an item, you get to choose the character to give the item TO. The program will now check for an empty spot to place the item in. If there's no space to put it in one of the four slots, it will say so, and you will have to find another character.  

Now what I want to do, is the following:
I want the program to perform a check, in case the item cannot be placed in one of the four slots, it will search automatically through all available characters and item-slots until it finds an empty slot. Then, the program will present you the empty-slot along with the character it belongs to.

Well, what do you think it?

Love is Grand , Divorce ..... a hundred Grand

Old Post April 15, 2004, 01:17:23 pm
Shining Godzilla *

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Dark Resurrection 3D
If you buy the item for the character and its full it automatically searches for the next person with an open slot and asks you if you want to put it there or automatically puts it there? If its the first then it really sounds like a waste of time and programming. I mean why not just say "The inventory is full please select another character." Or somthing along those lines then bring up the scree? Course that may be a little harder to program :/

If its the second then yea sounds like a good idea.

D        D   E          R      R     P       P  !!!
D        D   EEEE    RRRRR     PPPPP   !!!
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DDDDD    EEEEE  R      R     P            !!!

Old Post April 15, 2004, 01:39:08 pm
Shining Something *

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Dark Resurrection 3D
Cheesy  Cheesy Seems I didn't make myself clear  Cheesy  Cheesy  

It's like "instead of searching manually through all characters , it's now done automatically

But, Sir Phill, thanks for the feedback  Smiley

Love is Grand , Divorce ..... a hundred Grand

Old Post April 16, 2004, 02:22:13 am
Lazy no log on Sir Phill
Guest Logged
Dark Resurrection 3D
Thats what i thought you meant. It sounds kinda neat but  i mean whats the point other then more to program? Maybe theres a certain character you want to have the item instead of somthing. It does soung cool BTW but just a tad pointless Smiley

O and nice tilesets they truley do look like SF tiles Smiley

Old Post April 18, 2004, 02:44:02 pm
Shining Spammer *

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Dark Resurrection 3D
Fresh Dark Resurrection screenshots can be found at:


I will add all future screenshots to this directory as well Smiley


Great news for Shining fangame developers! Wink

Correcting your non-working <img> tags since 1982 Wink

Old Post April 18, 2004, 04:35:17 pm
Shining Light *

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Dark Resurrection 3D
That is looking really good.

Old Post April 22, 2004, 11:41:37 am
Shining Something *

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Dark Resurrection 3D
Hi Peeps,

I've made some progress concerning the buying and selling of items.
A major bummer is, that I forgot that every character has a weapon.
Well, I know that everyone has a weapon, but thing is: a weapon occupies an item-slot.  :x
And that's exactly where the trouble starts.

The process that checks the contents of each slot doesn't know the difference between an item or a weapon. :evil:
You see, item-numbers range from 1 to 42, and weapon-numbers range from 1 to 85.

So, the process performs a check and it only returns the numbers from the weapons when it should detect an item.

Luckily, one thing I haven't done yet , is the implementation of the weapon-icons.
So, to cut a long story short:

First up: implement all weapon-icons
Second up: re-number all weapon-numbers (instead of 1 .. 85 -> 301 .. 385)
Third up: link all weapons with their respective graphics

The next update is when all of the above is finished Smiley

Love is Grand , Divorce ..... a hundred Grand

Old Post April 22, 2004, 06:37:25 pm
Shining Asteroid *

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Dark Resurrection 3D
The old guy is very insightful...
Pics look nice.

Old Post April 26, 2004, 10:23:18 am
Shining Something *

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Dark Resurrection 3D
The code for the item-shop is finally complete and all the goals I've set, are met Cheesy Cheesy
Everything is running well.
However, i keep thinking i'm missing something.

You see, there's only one opportunity where you can break off a visit (to the shop).
And that's at the beginning of the loop where you get to decide what to do

Lemme sho-yoo Smiley
    action: BUY - SELL - REPAIR - DEALS
    select action with the cursor keys.
    press space to go to the chosen action
    press ALT to leave shop

So far so good, you think. Well... no. Sad  
For instance: what to do if you bought the wrong item, or you discover that nobody has a free slot to put that item in? (teh horror) :?

An idea is:
I can program a separate "warehouse" function where all excess items are stored. (it's something like the caravan from SF2 )  

Another idea:
I'm thinking of putting multiple battles in DR.

(It's something like the last two battles of SF1. When you get to the last battle (nr 30), and then egress,you're forced to complete battle nr 29 again.)  

For instance:

battle 2 -----> battle 3 ----E2----> battle 4 ----E2----> battle 5
E2 means that you if you egress during battle 3 or 4 you're thrownback to battle 2

Think it's a bit too much or what?

Oh yeah, almost forgot. I'm busy with the "weapon shop"-part of the code. It's a lot easier coz I can re-use about 75% of the code of the item-section.
Also, i'm thinking of coding the "DEALS" part in advance.
I'll just put everything into an array, and if  the program receives an instruction to "put something in the itemshop"
it will search the array, and puts it in the first available spot. (Of course, the program will check all slots of all the characters FIRST)    

Neat huh? Cool

S'all for now peeps.  Smiley

PS.  I have a few more "off-days"this week, and if all goes well, then maybe (just maybe) next week you're in for a surprise (or two  Cheesy  )

Love is Grand , Divorce ..... a hundred Grand

Old Post May 03, 2004, 11:18:46 pm
Blahian *

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Hi !   I just found out about these projects.  It's nice to know that SF Fans are working on this.  I hope everything comes alive soon.

I'd like to know how you guys have ripped the graphics ?  is there any emulator that extracts the game sprites for you ?  or do you have to do it manually (print screen key) ?


Old Post May 03, 2004, 11:22:51 pm
Blahian *

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By the way
Have you guys planned to move to MSVC++ (with DirectX) for coding ?  I download the nice demo and noticed it's a DOS game.   I usually code games in Windoze environment.  The best is that is compatible in all windoze versions.

Methinks DOS games usually don't work on WinXP nor WinNT (some).

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