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Shining Immortal Update 4   (Read 3056 times)
Old Post December 23, 2008, 01:06:03 am
Blahian *

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Shining Immortal Update 4
Well, winter has shown some massive productivity on the game currently being produced and I got much of the voice acting done just in this month alone.

I was asked by the 3d modelers to design a 2d world using a pre-rendered tool kit (they gave me RPG Maker VX) and said to make rough draft maps in it with all the interactions that would be needed like NPCs and such. I am still learning how to use this software, though seeming very restrictive, but I should have it under my belt in no time. I guess they want me to use it as a way to see everything in a 2d mold but I guess they did this while making our other game, so I kind of makes sense to me.

Right now I have some neat ideas for magic and will possibly share those with you in January followed by some character concept art for you upon PM request. The game engine is also getting there as well but I will have more details on that for you later.

Have a happy holidays. ^^

"So, you want to see if the carpet matches the drapes eh? Well, only the luckiest of ladies get to find that out." ^^

New Post December 24, 2008, 07:32:25 pm
Shining Sideburns *

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Re: Shining Immortal Update 4
Excellent, sounds like work is going really well Cheesy

Now take a break for the holiday season Wink

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