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Submission Guidelines

We want TSS to be active, but also high quality, so we have a few guidelines as to what should and shouldn’t be posted.

General Guidelines


All news for your project should be put in the “project news” category AND your own personal project’s category. Keep news to important announcements, such as highlighting new releases or a large milestone being reached. Smaller, more technical items should be kept to your project’s worklog.


Worklogs are places to keep people regularly updated on the progress of your project. What goes in them is entirely up to you.


To submit an article or resource to Shining Aid, send it to Articles should either be in plain text, or HTML if you’re feeling generous. Include all images and resource files in a ZIP file. Include your site username in the email so you can be appropriately credited, and also so we can add your “article signature” to the bottom of the article (as defined in your user area). Please prefix your email subject with “TSS Submission: “, so we can easily filter out spam.

An example mail would look something like this:

Subject: TSS Submission: How to draw nice sprites

I’ve written an article called “How to draw nice sprites” that I’d like you to publish on your site. My site username is Someone :)

Your Project Page

Each project is given its own page, which you may edit at any time. You may also add unlimited sub-pages, which can be used to give information about your project.