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Shining Force 3 Sounds

Shining Force III Sounds

A host of sounds ripped from “Shining Force 3”. Includes common sounds such as hitting an enemy, opening doors and chests and healing characters.

Remember: These sounds are ripped directly from the game, so don’t use them in commercial projects!

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Table of Contents

Name Description
chink.ogg Made when a character blocks an attack.
close-door.ogg A door closing.
cursor.ogg Used when the cursor is moved in a menu.
escape.ogg Played when the player uses the “Escape” (egress) spell.
explode.ogg Explosion. Used when a character or enemy is killed on the battlefield.
heal.ogg Heal spell.
hit.ogg Character being hit in battle.
laser.ogg A rather annoying laser sound.
no-go.ogg Buzzer sound for when the player tries to make an invalid move.
open-chest.ogg A treasure chest being opened.
open-door.ogg A door being opened.
ping.ogg An item in the menu being selected.
power-down.ogg A power down spell being applied.
power-up.ogg A power up spell being applied, such as “attack” or “support”.
screech.ogg A bat screeching.
snap.ogg Snapping sound. Used when closing cupboards.
step1.ogg A human moving a square on the battlefield.
swish.ogg Swishing sound when a dialog appears or disappears.
through-door.ogg Player moves through a door.
waterfall.ogg Ambient waterfall sound.

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