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The Legend of Syro – Official Pre-Alpha Demo

This demo has it’s own very lighthearted story, 2 battles, cutscenes, and pretty much everything else that you would expect to be in a shining game. Consider it a 2-3 hour long ‘Thank You’ game to everyone who has supported me here on SFC.

Important note: Gamemaker gives me 0 sound control. That being said, it likes to play sounds at max volume. So as a fair warning, you may want to turn your volume down before you boot it up.

Controls are: Arrow keys, Z and X.
Escape closes the game.
F5 and F6 are save / load state respectively. Note that these are built in GM functions. Although they do work, they can be buggy at times. Mainly regarding sounds / music.

I’m 99% sure I fixed all the bugs this time around. If you do find a bug (like if the game ‘freezes’) please hit F5 and send me that save file so I can fix the bug. My contact info is in the readme.

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