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A collection of tilesets in various different sizes. Perfect for making maps. The most common size for Shining tilesets is 24×24, but there are also 16×16 and 32×32 tiles available.

Shiny Sword: Cloud Slayer Tiles

Shiny Sword: Cloud Slayer Tiles

Some of Devlyn’s old Shiny Sword tiles, from 2002 apparently. Tiles are 16 * 16 pixels.

Added: 6th January, 2010

Peter's Building Tiles

Peter Van Dalen’s building tiles

Peter van Dalen took time out from coding Dark Resurrection to share these building tiles from Shining Force II. Sized at 24 * 24 pixels.

Added: 27th May, 2004

Stordarth's Tiles

Stordarth’s Large Tiles

A huge collection of Shining Force II tiles, resized to 32 * 32. Very useful if you’re using an RPG maker that doesn’t support Shining Force’s 24 * 24 tilesize.

Added: 28th October, 2004

Stordarth's Tiles

Final Conflict Tiles

Tiles for the Game Gear title “Shining Force: Final Conflict”. All tiles are 16 * 16, and are organised into the level they appear in.

Updated: 16th June, 2008 · Added: 26th October, 2007