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Shiny Sword

Many dreams have long drowned,
in the waters of everyday life.

Many ideals have long faded,
in the dim light of realism.

Many worlds have long fallen,
into the depths of my trash can.

Many heroes have long ceased to exist...
...but Seolean outlasts them all.

It's been a while...

..but the Shiny Sword Cloudslayer site has been reopened!

In the next couple of weeks I'll gradually add some fresh pages and resources to this section. My updating behaviour has been so utterly unpredictable these days that there is really no point in planning or promising anything, but eventually stuff is bound to appear here :). My main gripe about the old site (not the temporary page, mind you!) was that it lacked the cosiness the former Shiny Sword designs used to have. With this design I'm trying to restore that feel a bit again :).

In due time this introductionary section will disappear and you'll be able to read all the recent SSC news & events up here. The final site won't be ultra-fancy, but I do strive to make it a lot more interesting and enjoyable than the last one :). If you have any suggestions on what you like to have on the site, feel free to post in this forum!

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