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B.A.B.S. – Version 2.5 Source Code


BABS 2.5
Tuesday February 29th, 2005

Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0 required!

Manual :
Forum :,9.0.html



1. About
2. Known Issues
3. Roadmap
4. Credits & Thanks
5. Changelog

1. About

BABS is a JAVA-based construction kit for creating your own Shining Battles.
Features a map editor, spell and minor item support and a sample battle scene
and walkabout scene.

More information on the BABS/Shiny Sword release can be found here:

The feedback and bug reports on this version will greatly appreciated.
Therefore, let us know what you think should be added/improved!

Have fun!
– The Shiny Sword Team

2. Known Issues

– SMEE needs a push on the F5 button to display properly. All workarounds
so far have failed :/
– Certain files won’t load on Linux systems

3. Roadmap

This is just a rough list of ideas for improvement to the source. If you have
any comments or suggestions, please feel free to drop by the forum and share.

All of these are somewhat in progress…

[ ] New file formats to replace JAVA serialization
[ ] File fixes so it will work on Linux
[ ] Reorganizing code to split BABS/Shiny Sword dependencies

4. Credits & Thanks

Many thanks go out to:
– Devlyn for the original project, source and ideas
– Lazy Bum for the SMEE interface design,
– Peter van Dalen for the battle backgrounds
– The Shining Online team (Newts & Ty) for lending out some graphic
– Elvenfyre for the Lycadell campaign and lots of code changes from
2.01 to 2.5
– And of course everyone at The Shining Source ;)

5. Changelog

Updates to 2.25
– better tile editor, basic AI and better spell support.

Updates to 2.10
– simple walkabout map support and various tweaks & fixes.

Updates to 2.00
– Map animations are supported again
– Multiple maps can now be linked together. Press the ‘n’ key to skip to
the next battle and be sure to check the scriptfiles!

Updates to Beta release:
– Spell support for Heal level 1 and Blaze level 1
– More customization through additional setting files
– Revised stats system
– Greatly optimized graphics for the game engine
– Improved ranged attack animation
– Players can now pass the squares occupied by their allies
– Improved movement and attack indicators
– And fresh battle backgrounds!

Updates to Alpha release:
– Added Ranged attacks
– Added two extra characters (Archer & Cyclops)
– Added movement limitations (+ land effect)
– Did some general interface improvements
– Added support for midi music. I haven’t managed to get a hold of a good
JAVA mp3 or .it plugin, so this will have to do for now. Don’t like the
Don’t worry, you can turn it off in config/settings.cfg
– Items don’t work yet.

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