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B.A.B.S. – Version 2.5 (Lycadell Campaign)

Shiny Sword Cloud Slayer : Lycadell Campaign.
September 2008, released by Elvenfyre.

BABS and SMEE have been used to create this campaign, majorly built by Devlyn. I’ve just tweaked it a bit and added my graphics and music and text to make this game. You can do the same! This is what this engine is really made for and I believe it’s capable of that now.

Anyway, to play the game you need Java 1.5 or higher. You can get it from here:

Then just run Shiny_Sword.bat to start the game.

The game uses the arrow keys and ASD.

If the screen isn’t refreshing, try F5.

Please contact me via

I’m on the forum there (ye olde blah).



Shiny Sword - Screenshot 1 Shiny Sword - Screenshot 2 Shiny Sword - Screenshot 3 Shiny Sword - Screenshot 4

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