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Shining Force 2

The complete set of Shining Force 2 character sprites. You can either download the images individually, or download the complete set as a compressed zip file.

Note: Sheets also contain bonus promotions (not shown in the list of thumbnails).

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Bowie - Swordsman Bowie - Hero Bowie Sarah - Priest Sarah - Vicar Sarah Chester - Knight Chester - Paladin Chester
Jaha - Warrior Jaha - Gladiator Jaha Kazin - Mage Kazin - Wizard Kazin Slade - Thief Slade - Ninja Slade
Kiwi - Tortoise Kiwi - Monster Kiwi Peter - Phoenik Peter - Phoenix Peter May - Ranger May - Bow Knight May
Gerhalt - Wolfman Gerhalt - Wolf Baron Gerhalt Luke - Birdman Luke - Bird Battler Luke Rohde - Rohde - Brass Gunner Rohde
Rick - Knight Rick - Paladin Rick Elric - Archer Elric - Sniper Elric Eric - Knight Eric - Paladin Eric
Karna - Priest Karna - Vicar Karna Randolf - Warrior Randolf - Gladiator Randolf Tyrin - Mage Tyrin - Wizard Tyrin
Janet - Archer Janet - Sniper Janet Higins - Paladin Higins Taya - Sorcerer Taya
Skreech - Bird Battler Skreech Frayja - Vicar Frayja Jaro - Pegasus Knight Jaro
Gyan - Gladiator Gyan Sheela - Master Monk Sheela Zynk - Robot Zynk
Claude - Golem Claude Chaz - Wizard Chaz Lemon - Red Baron Lemon
Town Folk - Old Guy Town Folk - Chicken Town Folk Sir Astral Sir Astral Caravan Caravan
Raft Raft


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