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Shining Force

The complete set of Shining Force character sprites. You can either download the images individually, or download the complete set as a compressed zip file.

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Max - Swordsman Max - Hero Max Lowe - Healer Lowe - Vicar Lowe Mae - Knight Mae - Paladin Mae
Ken Luke Hans
Tao Gong Gort - Warrior Gort - Gladiator Gort
Khris - Healer Khris - Vicar Khris Anri - Mage Anri - Wizard Anri Arthur - Knight Arthur - Paladin Arthur
Balbaroy - Birdman Balbaroy - Sky Warrior Balbaroy Amon - Birdman Amon - Sky Warrior Amon Diane - Birdman Diane - Sky Warrior Diane
Zylo - Birdman Zylo - Sky Warrior Zylo Pelle - Birdman Pelle - Sky Warrior Pelle Kokichi - Birdman Kokichi - Sky Warrior Kokichi
Earnest - Birdman Earnest - Sky Warrior Earnest Vankar - Birdman Vankar - Sky Warrior Vankar Lyle - Birdman Lyle - Sky Warrior Lyle
Torasu - Birdman Torasu - Sky Warrior Torasu Guntz - Birdman Guntz - Sky Warrior Guntz Bleu - Birdman Bleu - Sky Warrior Bleu
Adam - Birdman Adam - Sky Warrior Adam Alef - Birdman Alef - Sky Warrior Alef Musashi - Birdman Musashi
Hanzou - Birdman Hanzou Domingo - Birdman Domingo Jogurt - Birdman Jogurt


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