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It’s here…

Ok, first things first…Demo 3 is now available for download! Simply hop on over to the download section, and grab a copy! It’s not really much of a demo to be honest, more of an engine test. Still, it’s a start :)

Of course, you should have noticed the new look, and also the new address. Hope you all like it :)

Well, have a very merry Christmas, and a happy New Year. I’m off to get drunk…

Real big!!

The release date of the demo draws ever closer – I’m convinced that Shining Online is going to be a truly awesome games by anyone’s standards! The work that’s going into it is absolutely immense, mark my words – Shining Online is going to blow up real big baby!!

Not a lot…

Just letting you all know work is still going on! Having said that, I haven’t really done much on the game for some time now as I’m far too busy redesigning the website. Well, I’d best get back to work!

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