Project Information

This is my SF3-Style project. It uses the Truevision3D engine, and all coding is being done in c++. This release shows where i stopped 7 months ago, i had to put it on hold because of a new job offer. I am still working fulltime at that place, so i do not have much time for programming. I cannot promise any progression at all, but i'll keep it on. It's about fun. In the meantime i purchased a license of the engine and now i am able to be a beta tester for the upcoming version 6.5. There are significant changes here, now there are exporter-plugins for Maya and 3DSMax, Normal Mapping, Particles and Pixelshaders are supported now as and facial animation will be possible too.

I am working on the script-editor right now. I plan to combine several editors later, scripting, level editing, Particle animation designer, cut-scene editor and Character editor. All data will be combined in one encryped and compressed file later, not as chaotic like now. Hence the early status of the game i don't ask you for critics or specific feature ideas or bug reports (there are some known ones). Ideas concerning story and content are welcome though. The only constans so far are that i want anime-style robots and drumnbass music in it. I am a big drumnbass and also turntablelism fan, so i also thought about giving some of the characters names from dnb producers, and there shall be one scratch-guy that uses his turntable as weapon