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Immunity Force Released!

Aura4 recently got in touch about his new Shining-style game, Immunity Force.

A screenshot from Immunity Force. A virus is about to attack one of the player's characters.

Immunity Force puts you in control of human immune cells as they battle viruses that have entered the body. It’s definitely the most original theme I’ve seen for a Shining-style game!

The player character, Neutro, prepares to move around the map.

The game has many of the features you’d expect to see, and there’s a nice Shining Force II style to the UI. Battles are turn-based, and you gain XP from defeating your enemies which makes you stronger as you level up.

The first battle can be a little tricky, but once you get used to the enemy’s range you’ll vanquish them in no time.

Download it below and give it a try!

Download Immunity Force

Adventurers Unbound – Demo v1.3 Released

Chaoswizard98 has gifted us all with a new demo of his project, Adventurers Unbound! The game is built on top of the Engine of Chaos, a custom engine created in GameMaker.

The video above showcases some of the demo’s features, and I think you’ll agree that this looks and feels like a classic Shining-style adventure. But don’t just watch – download the demo and try it out!

Adventurers Unbound – Demo 1.3.1

Legends of Salamanca – New Demo Available!

Max has been working hard on Legends of Salamanca and has released a new demo on the project’s page.

You can read more about these updates on the Ye Olde Blah topic; Max talks about AI, using Tiled for creating maps, and more – there’s a lot going on! Max also posted an update video which shows some of the updated features:

Be sure to give the new demo a try!

Legends of Salamanca

Max popped into Ye Olde Blah to give us all a sneak peak at his new project – Legends of Salamanca!

The game is still early in development, but it’s already looking very Shining-style. Max shared more information (and screenshots) in his forum post about the project:

Its in the very early prototype stage. I thought I would create a game that people could play in their browser without downloading anything, that might increase the likelihood that people give it a go! I am using the HTML 5 Canvas element so its all in Javascript. The source is actually in Typescript but then its transpiled into a Javscript bundle.

I wanted the game mechanics to be instantly recognisable as a homage to Shining Force 1 and 2, but I want to put my own elements into it as well – so there might be something a bit different comming.

I am just using free assets I found on itch and elsewhere at the moment, but I may want to pair up with an artist at somepoint if I see anyone’s artwork that I think would be good for the game!

You can play an in-progress version of the game on Legends of Salamanca.

Be sure to stop by Ye Olde Blah or and leave a comment on the demo. It’s always good to have feedback at these early stages in a project.

Source: Legends of Salamanca – My new shining inspired game

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