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Goin’ down a storm

Demo 3B was given an exclusive chat-only release this past Sunday to an audience of about five :P Despite the disappointing end to Official Demo Day, with only one [very rough] demo released, enthusiasm for the projects is still as high as ever.

Rabid excitement ensued the upload as Acebloke and Seanikins struggled to become the first player to *ever* beat the infamous first battle… and Seanikins came through in fine style, proving once and for all why he’s the game’s number one fan. We’re currently devising a nice prize for him, whilst Acebloke gets nothing for being second, except this piece of advice – if you want to stand a chance next time, try upgrading your computer once every ten years :P

Devlyn is expecting to release SMEE sometime near the end of the month, replete with new features and a brand spanking new interface. As for the other projects, feel free to quiz their creators over at Ye Olde Blah :)

We don’t know when we’ll be uploading the *real* Demo 4, but it won’t be for a while yet. Hate to tease you all like this, but it’ll be worth the wait… just ask Seanikins :)

Keep the faith!

Today’s the day!

Yep, now you can finally get your fix of SO goodness, as Devlyn is all set to upload what has been dubbed “Demo 3B”. Although it shares little in common with Demo 3, it’s nowhere near complete enough to be considered as Demo 4, so it sits comfortably somewhere between the two.

Hopefully all graphics problems should be conquered this time around, and the challenge is this – can anyone beat the first battle? We haven’t managed to do it yet…

A lot has to go into the demo for it to be considered complete, so beware that there is much to be added :)

Anyway, I just wanted to say enjoy it, and drop by the Shining Online forum if you have any comments, feedback, criticisms or just general observations :)

Above all, keep the faith!

Fan art competition extended

Yep, due to the masses of fanart currently swamping my inbox I’ve decided to extend the deadline indefinitely [ie I can’t think of a good time to end it :P].

Send all your fanart to me here. Whoever is judged to be the best will get a very nice prize from Ty and myself, so please, get drawing!

No surprises…

You probably won’t be surprised at all by the news that SO work has come grinding to a halt, and as such the demo deadline will not be met by us, but instead by Devlyn who’ll be releasing our early beta (unless he changes his mind, which I doubt :P) – We’ll call it demo3B ;)

Either way, apologies, but university is more important than demo 4 :P

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