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The Original NAQ

The Shining Source is the World’s first (and probably only!) site specially dedicated to Shining-style Programming. This site is meant to grant help to any Shining-Force-based computer game project (I call them Shining-style Projects to keep it short). Whenever a project is bound to get stuck or neglected, we will offer our help.

So, this site is only interesting for “Shining-style” programmers?

Hell no! We help others with their projects, and that includes hosting their projects if necessary. We supply you with helpful info about the projects, while the project developers can fully focus on their project instead of having to build a site for it. I think anyone who has enjoyed Shining Force will enjoy reading about these projects.

Don’t you get anything in return for the help you offer then?

Well, if someone wants to mail $1000 to me, I’d never reject it 8)

But the real reason we are doing this is because we finally want to see a Shining-style project making it to the finish-line (official release of the full version). Besides that, we hope this site inspires people to start their own project, so that we can expect even more interesting games.

Our hunger for Shining-style games exceeds our hunger for money, hence we ask nothing in return.

So not a single Shining-style project has been completed?

As far as we know not(besides the original series). Shiny Sword: Cloudslayer and Shining Online are well on their way, but there is still a LONG way to go.

But why make a Shining game when we’ve got Shining Force?

Shining Force is extremely good, but it lacks some features which could drastically enhance its playability. One of those is a multi-player option. Another one is the gameplay outside battles. The Shining Force battle is an exceptional one indeed, but there is still room for improvement in the gameplay outside the battles. These are two important motivations for people to make a Shining-style game. However, the foremost reason why someone would make such a game is because it’s their game. That fact alone could motivate someone for months!

So how do you look at stealing parts from the original Shining series?

Well, ripping graphics or music from the older games of Shining Series (Shining Force 1 & 2) shouldn’t be too much of a problem, as these games haven’t been produced for several years now.

However, self-made graphics do give a more explicit identity to your game, which is always a good thing.

Where is the old Shiny Sword Site?

It’s no longer being updated, and the server on which it used to reside no longer exists. For nostalgia’s sake you might want to visit Devlyn’s Old Homepage though…

Why The Name “Shining Source”

Because the name is closely related to what this is about. The Shining part should be obvious, and the ‘Source’ part is there for several reasons. First we hope to be your source of help and Shining-project info. Second, only open source games will be hosted here, so you can always find valuable source code around. Third, it ‘rhymes’ on “force” (Hey I’m Dutch! Forgive me!;)

How can I help?

Well, there are quite some possibilities.

First of all, you could volunteer to help with a project. Almost every project around is in need of help, so you’ll always be appreciated. Try leaving a message on the message board(if it’s up already).

Second, we are looking for “techies”. If you know a lot about a certain programming language and you wish to help solving programming problems you could do some troubleshooting for us. Many Shining-style projects have been delayed or cancelled due to technical problems. This is a shame, and if you can and wish to help, then please send a mail to me (Devlyn).

Will this site succeed in their goal?

Well, we’ve already received several reactions from people around us, and most of them are curious to see whether we will succeed. We’ve got good faith that a complete Shining-style PC game will be released within the next few years. However, we also have to be realistic: No non-profit Shining-style game has been completed yet. At the moment I personally think we will reach our goal, but it will not be as easy as most people think.

Is that all?

For now, it is. I’ll update this NAQ every now and then, though.