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The Legend of Syro – Beta 1.0

It’s always exciting to see new project updates from The Legend of Syro, and this one is a real treat! There’s a tonne of new features (see the changelog) and lots of polish.

From Chaoswizard98:

This was a huge quality of life update and much of the core code has been changed. If I could get a few people to test it out, that would be great! As always, let me know if you find any bugs.

This update contains all of Chapter 1, a ‘Control Enemies’ cheat, the 6vs66 challenge map (Good luck! you’re going to need it!), and my Debug Test room which contains some new spells for you to mess with (Quake and Summon). Chapter 1 aside, all other features are accessed via the ‘Options’ portion of the main menu.

If you haven’t tried the game before, I highly recommend giving the demo a thorough playthrough. It’s extremely polished and has a great Shining Force feel to it. As always, be sure to leave some feedback in the forum too.

Download The Legend of Syro – Beta 1.0

The Legend of Syro development update

Development on The Legend of Syro is still going strong, and Chaoswizard98 shared a nice big update on Ye Olde Blah. A quick rundown on some new and improved features:

  • The main menu has been improved, and contains room for challenges (and achievements)
  • New options have been added to the AI to support more interesting behaviour
  • In-game camera has been rebuilt
  • Character sprites can be set independently of their class
  • Elemental damage has been added, along with buffs and debuffs
  • Movement types can now be overridden by equipment

Be sure to read the full update and leave some feedback!

It’s time for a Christmas Battle!!

That’s right, it’s time for a Christmas battle to keep everyone on their toes!

Chaoswizard98 has this to share:

Merry Christmas everyone

I added a nightmare challenge battle to the game which puts you up against all 66 enemies from chapter 1 all in a single battle royale. You can play this battle by setting ‘Challenge Mode’ to true in the options menu before starting a new game.

Best of luck! (You’re going to need it)

(Version 1.6.2)

Good luck!

The Legend of Syro – Chapter 1 released

Chapter 1 of The Legend of Syro is now available for download, and it’s been well worth the wait!

A quick list of changes in the complete story:

  • 4 New battles
  • Valdrfjell (Town)
  • New Enemies
  • Forest Serpent
  • Bat
  • Timber Wolf
  • Pack Leader
  • Vampire Bat
  • Golem
  • RockGolem
  • Lots of new cutscenes

See the complete changelog for all changes in this version (and all previous ones).

There are also factions to join, secrets to find and a full story to play through. The battle engine is extremely polished, items and magic all work nicely. Enemies also have pretty good AI and won’t hesitate to attack your healer at the worst possible time.

Download: The Legend of Syro 1.6.1

News and updates about the project are posted at Ye Olde Blah and SFC pretty frequently. You can also view the project page here at The Shining Source.

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