Working fulltime

Hi all,

i will be taking about six months to a year off, so that i can solely work on the game fulltime, starting in july! That’s 10 weeks from now. This means i will progress much faster, and probably have a close to complete gameplay demo two or three months later. I hope the TV3D6.5 beta (3D Engine) will go public until then, otherwise i am not allowed to make a release :)

I was working on my editor during the weekends, so that’s halfway complete now. I decided to go with Softimage XSI for content creation, so the next step is to purchase that and integrate it into my working pipeline.

So i am kinda excited about dedicating more time to the game, then i can push it more. It’s gonna be awesome :)

Oh yeah, i am going to visit the E3 in Los Angeles this year, i’ll try to get some publisher’s adresses. Who cares if it’s utopic or not :)

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