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No big news, i just wanted to say i am still alive and working on the Plugin for Softimage XSI :) The progress is slow because of my everyday job, but i will start fully working on the game in about a month. Yay :)

Animation System

I am almost through with that XSI plugin and the animation system for my game. I thought it is time again to post something here, i am still alive, still working on the game every day. It progresses slowly but steady. Right now i estimate to be through the major programming stuff within a month or one and a half. Then i will begin working on the design part. Can’t wait for that.

Right now i am dealing with the handling of multiple animations and my scene format. In an animation sequence there is as many scenes to be played back as there are enemies. And you need to be able to trigger different animations that contain different objects and have different particle animations, different camera animations etc etc.

But lately i started working on the actual game code again and it was such a good feeling. The scene format works inside the game, so you can see the animations playing when you attack an enemy.

Sometimes i feel like everything is going too slow, but other times i feel very successful whenever something works. I just hope i can get most of the framework done by the end of this month.

Stay tuned…

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