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Adventurers Unbound – Complete Demo Available!

Choaswizard98’s amazing Shining-style project, “The Legend of Syro”, has a new name AND a new demo.

It’s been a long time coming, but the engine upgrade is finally complete!

This demo is the revised start of chapter 1 and, while a little on the short side, it should contain an example of just about everything a Shining Force fan is looking for. Especially when you access more than you’re supposed to with the cheats menu.

Oh yeah and I finally get to share the official title with you guys. The Legend of Syro has always been a placeholder.

Anywho, the next step of the journey is to port the project to the latest version of GameMaker, and get the engine in your hands! Until then, if you’ve got any questions, comments, or suggestions, let me know!

Be sure to download the demo and give it a try!

And yes, I know this news is a little late :)

The Engine of Chaos is getting some updates

It’s been a while since The Engine of Chaos was released, but Chaoswizard98 has been hard at work on improving it in just about every conceivable way.

Here’s a few of the changes that will be in the next version:

Windows are drawn relative to screen position now to make changing internal resolution easier. tile_size is now a variable, so you’re not limited to 24×24. Setting a character to start at level 20 will automatically figure out their level 20 stats based off of level scheme.

Support for shaders, AI / Story flags, swapping control from Max to Bowie, having more than 1 party (SFCD party split), limited quantity shops, dynamic menus (once an event is made (such as ‘promote’) you can plug that option into whatever menu you want), More decisions other than Yes/No (Truth / Lie, ‘maybe’, ‘warrior / mage / healer’, whatever you want really).

Source: Shining Force Central

There’s no release date yet, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

The Shining Source turns 20

The site actually turned 20 on August 10th, but it wouldn’t be TSS if we were on time ;)

Things have changed a lot since those early days. But even though the Shining Force front is quiet (come on Sega, re-release SF3 already) there are still new shining-style projects being developed.

TSS would not be what it is today without everyone that has visited us over the years. Whether you downloaded a demo, created your own, or just sent us an email calling us shit, we are eternally thankful for you.

Finally I’d like to thank Devlyn for giving life to the site all those years ago. And thank you to some of our original contributors: Edgemaster, Elvenfyre, and Newts. You all helped turn this place into something special.

Stay safe, drink applesap, and keep on Shining. Here’s to another 20 years!

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