The Shining Source turns 20

The site actually turned 20 on August 10th, but it wouldn’t be TSS if we were on time ;)

Things have changed a lot since those early days. But even though the Shining Force front is quiet (come on Sega, re-release SF3 already) there are still new shining-style projects being developed.

TSS would not be what it is today without everyone that has visited us over the years. Whether you downloaded a demo, created your own, or just sent us an email calling us shit, we are eternally thankful for you.

Finally I’d like to thank Devlyn for giving life to the site all those years ago. And thank you to some of our original contributors: Edgemaster, Elvenfyre, and Newts. You all helped turn this place into something special.

Stay safe, drink applesap, and keep on Shining. Here’s to another 20 years!

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Congratulation on this huge achivment. We only hope our page will one day also get to this.

:( Fiction Oct 10, 2020 at 8:07 pm

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