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Updated the TSS history page

Whilst doing that I figured out what has actually been causing my lack of motivation.

The map of Tasur. 3 months of hard work and the final result doesn’t look good at all.

I’m not sure what to do at this point, motivation still isn’t smashing as you might have noticed. Perhaps redoing the Tasur map helps?

Another music post…

Two new midis posted by Ty on the Shining Online site – check out the Music section to hear the new orchestrated Theme to Shining Online and also the music for the first town, Vagabond :) Let me know what you think!


I’ve recorded the Vagabond theme and it’s actually saved properly, i.e. it uses the correct voices, so I think I’ll be ok to stop work on that one now :) It’s a nice little harpsichord melody with strings just to add some bass and mood to it :) I’m quite proud of it myself, it’s the first tune I’ve ever written :)

I’ve also finished the “game saved” jingle – just a little choir piece, again with strings. Nothing much but then it is only to confirm your game is saved ::P

On a similar theme I’m working on the church theme which [shock horror] isn’t played with a booming church organ! It’s for a quieter, less forceful organ, so the church is a bit more serene, more peaceful as it were :) So that tune’s going well.

I’ve got two more but they’re firmly rooted in my “work in progress” section – a sad piano piece and a twinkling synth piece for Astronima. I have the basic idea up there *taps temple*, and as I had a day off today I’m looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow :)

I bet I’ve already gone on for far too long but that’s me ::P I’ll post again if owt new happens. Arrivederce!


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