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Examinations coming up.

This week I’ve got two examinations, so don’t expect too much from me, though you never know really :) However, I had best make these two exams so there’s some serious learning to do…

I’ve been working on a game song. It’s called “God Has a Moustache” and the reason for that title is a long long story :)

Also, I was unable to retrieve the music Erenan made, but I hope he’ll be able to resend it :) All in all, progress on the game is slow, except for the music :)

First Mavellantica battle map done

Well, I’ve completed another map this morning, and I got some new music from Erenan, but I accidently saved it at my dad’s place, so I’ll have to move it first and stuff. :)

p.s. Thanks Elv, I never even noticed the news post (grin). Got all used to knowing the content of the posts anyway :)


I thought I’d stop by and give a certain someone a kick up the butt. I want to see shiny sword finished as much as anyone man, and I also know how you feel about the lack of motivation cause I feel it too. What are we going to do about it? let’s finish ourselves a game.

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