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Shining Force Central RPG Launches!

There’s a treat in store for members of Shining Force Central, the web’s largest Shining Force fansite. After 4 years of work, Moogie has released an updated version of the hugely popular RPG/Shop system. However, it’s not just a cosmetic update – there’s now a complete battle system to go along with the shops, items and collectibles.

Features include:

  • Create characters and equip them with classic Shining Force items
  • Fight monsters in the Battle Arena and level up
  • Sell rare items in the auction house
  • Buy and sell shares to make a little (or a lot) of gold on the side
  • Become hopelessly addicted to collecting the capsule toy figures

There’s more information, as well as tips for success, in the RPG Discussion Forum. If you’d rather just dive in, you can head to the forum RPG page.

Shining Force Central Forum RPG

The Ultimate Shining Project

Barnard from the Shining Force Central forums has posted some great screens from a 3D Shining Force game called “Shining Force: Legacy of Heroes”. It’s still early days, but as you can see there’s some really impressive modelling going on!

Shining Force: Legacy of Heroes - Screenshot 1   Shining Force: Legacy of Heroes - Screenshot 2

Make sure you drop by his topic and check out all the screens. The project is also looking for programmers, so if you have some 3D game experience I’m sure your help will be greatly appreciated!

Project screenshots added

Project pages continue to get some lovin’, and now feature screenshot galleries. Shiny Sword, Dark Resurrection and Shining Online now have their own gallery. I’ll be going through the project list over the next few days to see if their are any other screenshots I can salvage, but sadly a lot of homepages have vanished over the years.

The site has also been added to the Top 50 list. Feel free to help us out by voting :)

Project Pages Polished

Just spent a few hours cleaning up the project pages and making them a little prettier. Still working on the main project page and author pages, but it’s getting there.

Check out a few of the updated projects:

If you have a project and want it to have a pretty banner, you want your user sprite changing, or anything else really, drop me a line on Ye Olde Blah and I’ll fix it up.

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