BABS BETTER? Lycadell Campaign of SSCS?

The Shiny Sword

How can this be?

I’ll tell you how: Grimmm determination.

Devlyn gave me a heap of support 3 years ago to release this, but I didn’t step up and add the bits I wanted added when he became the busy man he is.  Anyway I finally got the motivation together to do it, mainly thanks to the posts of the boys giving me a reason to smile.

Download under 2mb, unzip and play straight away!  Discover the village of Lycadell and 3 battles with your team of 7 against 8 unique monsters.  Listen to the groovy 16bit sounds we’ve developed over the years.  Laugh at how when you heal yourself you appear twice on the screen.  Laugh at lots of things, really… like how earning over 100 experience points at once doesn’t level you up.  But nevermind about that, it does work to the necessary degree!

You’ll need Java 1.5 or later I believe, you can get it here:

Please leave me comments in this forum thread: BABS 2.5, Lycadell Campaign. Bugs, Comments, Updates : )

Any feedback is welcome.

Download it by clicking here!

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